2 Simple Ways Financial Advisors Can Optimize Their LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn-Usage-75If you are a Financial Advisor and you are not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to showcase your value-add to clients and prospects. Your clients have unprecedented access to information; not only the ability to conduct specific research online, but also to vet – and connect with – a Financial Advisor before making a wealth management decision.

Case in point: have you ever “Googled” your own name to see the results?  If not, then you’ve likely searched a service provider you’ve considered hiring for your home or your business.

And this is where LinkedIn comes in…

Not only does a LinkedIn account typically rank in the top 1-5 results of a Google search, it’s also one of the most trusted sites investors turn to when they want to know the professional background, qualifications and reputation of a Financial Advisor.  (Click here for or more on how affluent investors use Social Media)

With LinkedIn, you have the ability to control what a client or prospect finds when they are looking to learn more about you – and differentiate yourself.

Maximize Your Profile in Two Easy Steps

Use a Professional Photo to put your best foot forward                

A picture paints a thousand words… so be sure to use a professional photo to create the right impression. Why include a photo at all? Transparency and trust. When you send an invitation to a contact, or meet a prospective client, there will be an instant recognition and comfort level.


LINKEDIN TIP:  Upload a high-quality, high resolution photo with a simple white background that completely fills the allotted space. As a rule of thumb, if your elbows are visible, you’re too far away.  And, make sure it’s a recent picture – a few grey hairs means you’re experienced

Customize your headline to communicate your value add

As you complete your LinkedIn profile, and update your most recent “job experience”, the title and company you include will automatically be inserted in your “Headline”.


LINKEDIN TIP: When a potential contact visits your LinkedIn profile, your Headline could be the first (and possibly last) opportunity to impress, and compel them to read on. Use the space to communicate ‘who you help’, ‘how you help’ and what differentiates you as a Financial Advisor.

For more LinkedIn tips for Financial Advisors, visit http://linkedintoleads.com/financial-advisors

Written for BMO Global Asset Management – Insights Newsletter