Are Your Broadcasts Entertaining?


Are you looking to enhance the quality of your television and radio broadcasts? Are you looking to incorporate new forms of entertainment into your broadcasts?

The Florida Panthers play-by-play announcer Randy Moller has recently drawn a significant amount of positive attention with his goal calls. Moller has found a way to creatively integrate pop culture references into his goal calls – featuring everything from famous movie quotes to music references. Moller’s goal calls of the game add unpredictability and a sense of fresh excitement to the Florida Panthers’ broadcasts.

Moller is building on the excitement drawn from his signature calls by enabling fans to submit suggestions to the Dan LeBatard Show. Each show Moller selects his favorite submittal and uses it live on air (adding a new element of fan engagement to the Panthers’ broadcasts).

Check out Randy Moller’s entertaining goal calls below and consider new ways that you can generate similar excitement for your team’s broadcasts!