[EP1] Why I Created a Podcast (And What You Can Expect) | Trevor Turnbull

[EP1] – Why I Created A Podcast (And What You Can Expect) | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode, I introduced myself (for those of you that don’t know me) and explained the vision and inspiration for creating this podcast. It’s been a long time coming … and as I explained in this solo episode, I’ve had to overcome numerous limiting beliefs and fears to even get started and launch the podcast.

That said…the adventure begins!!! 😉 My intention is that this podcast will inspire you to embrace your “messy journey” and realize that every step of your journey is on purpose. So, embrace it. And, remember, today is a beautiful day of opportunity and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. So, be grateful, be curious and be brave!

Episode Topics

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00:25 | The vision of the podcast
03:00 | What you choose to believe is powerful
05:43 | My intention in choosing my interview guests
08:10 | My goal in mastering the art of interviewing
09:04 | The types of podcast episodes I’ll release
10:41 | The mastermind that changed my life
14:50 | The people that have inspired me on my journey
17:30 | Why you can expect “the truth” from this podcast
19:16 | The mantra and 3 words that will drive this podcast
29:40 | A message to my wife & kids (you are my inspiration)

Episode Quotes

“I see this podcast as a platform to educate and inspire my kids to be the greatest versions of themselves” – Trevor Turnbull

“Everything is happening to me for a reason, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. And the same is true for you” – Trevor Turnbull

“Be Grateful, Be Curious, Be Brave – These 3 words will drive the intention of what I want my listeners to take away from my podcast” – Trevor Turnbull

Episode Resources Mentioned

Scott Oldford
Lewis Howes
Dr. Nima Rahmany
Danielle Grant
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Bruce Lipton
Lifebook by Mindvalley

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