[EP10] | Reflection On Episodes 1-9, Lessons Learned & Shifted Beliefs | Trevor Turnbull

[EP10] | Reflection On Episodes 1-9, Lessons Learned & Shifted Beliefs | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I pause, reflect and celebrate the experience of recording and listening to the first 9 episodes of The Trevor Turnbull Show.  The inspiration for creating this podcast has evolved over time, but the foundational element has always been to have vulnerable, honest conversations that will inspire me to embrace my own “mess” and live my best life.

My hope is that these interviews have been inspiring for you as well.  And, one of the key takeaways from reflecting on the first 9 episodes was a realization that podcasting is healing.  Deep I know 🙂 I explain what I mean by this in this solo episode.  Thank you for listening to date and I look forward to sharing more inspiring stories with you in the weeks, months and years ahead!

Episode Topics

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1:00 | Review of the first 9 episodes and what I learned in those conversations
8:00 | When I realized that podcasting is healing (and what I mean by this)
11:20 | The blessing that this podcast has provided to me (and hopefully you too!)
13:47 | What to expect in future episodes – some amazing interviews coming up!

Episode Resources Mentioned

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