[EP11] Why A Mommy Bought Daddy’s Digest | Zoe Share

[EP11] Why A Mommy Bought Daddy’s Digest | Zoe Share

In this episode I’m joined by Zoe Share.  Zoe is the Founder of Schmooz Media and the CEO/Owner of Daddy’s Digest, a parenting publication focused on Dads that is changing the narrative around active conscious parenting (where men are not only involved on the periphery but involved in the day to day).

We spoke about why she decided to acquire the Daddy’s Digest publication and her vision for creating a space for Dad’s (and men in general) to be able to search for answers that difficult to find in the online space.  Some of the topics discussed include how to become a better Dad, mental health challenges, personal relationship dynamics and how to balance work & parenting.

Episode Topics

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5:44 | Why did Zoe decide to acquire a Daddy blog?
11:05 | Why it’s important for guys to have a place to share and be heard
15:52 | The responsibility that Zoe feels in creating a space for Dad’s to share their stories
17:23 | Why she decided to go back to working full time 2 months after having a baby
21:55 | Zoe’s driving force behind answering the question “now what?” in her publication
28:31 | Who is writing the content that is contributing to the library of info for Dad’s?
30:39 | How does Daddy’s Digest decide what content can be published on their site?
34:55 | The secret to balancing work and parenting – so your kids don’t hate you! 🙂
39:12 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that has been most influential in your life (all time)
41:40 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that is the most influential in your life (right now)
43:53 | What is the ONE philanthropic cause that means the most to you and why?
48:24 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for in your life right now?
48:51 | What is the ONE thing that you are most curious about right now and wanting to explore deeper?
49:28 | What is the ONE thing that scares you right now that you know you must meet with bravery?
51:29 | Where can people find out more about you and connect with you online?


Episode Quotes

“Men are looking for answers to questions that are deep and sensitive and challenging, and it takes them to a pink blog speaking to women that continues the narrative about a man needing to play a particular role in society” – Zoe Share

“I like to hop on podcasts and have good conversations, and when I do that it doesn’t make me a bad Dad…I’m actually creating something to hopefully inspire my kids in the future” – Trevor Turnbull

“It’s a huge responsibility because it’s not my story (Daddy’s Digest), but if I can make space for other people to share their stories, I am honored to have the opportunity to do that” – Zoe Share

“When someone goes to Google and types in – how do I support my friend who’s son is now a women – I want them to find Daddy’s Digest” – Zoe Share

“Showing up for yourself first and then showing up for your kids, that is part of the journey that I want to be able to open up for others” – Zoe Share

“Reading for me was my escape, it still is.  And, now I get to create that for other people. I just love it!” – Zoe Share

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