[EP13] Embracing Your Journey 14 Seconds At A Time | Nick Cavuoto

[EP13] Embracing Your Journey 14 Seconds At A Time | Nick Cavuoto

In this episode I’m joined by Nick Cavuoto.  Nick partners with high-impact entrepreneurs to make their business smarter, stronger and more successful in order to unlock their maximum impact in the world.

We had a great conversation about the importance of defining your values, mission, vision and purpose in life. 

Episode Topics

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3:58 | Trevor shares some of the inspirational quotes that Nick has shared recently
5:46 | The life journey that led Nick to find his purpose and destiny as a wounded healer
11:32 | Nick talks about his intent behind filling & hosting a live event with 10 days notice
17:22 | How do givers win and the role that faith plays in trusting the process
22:09 | Nick speaks about what his “finish line” looks like and how he envisions getting there
28:57 | Why happiness is the source that people aim to achieve (not survival)
36:02 | The massive impact of creating content and documenting your journey
41:30 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that has been most influential in your life (all time)
42:54 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that is the most influential in your life (right now)
45:12 | What is the ONE philanthropic cause that means the most you and why?
48:57 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for in your life right now?
52:20 | What is the ONE thing that you are most curious about right now and wanting to explore more in your life?
59:03 | What is the ONE thing that scares you right now that you know you must meet with bravery?
1:02:50 | Where can people find out more about you and connect with you online?

Episode Quotes

“Thank you for not believing in me” – Nick Cavuoto

“What would your life look like if you were in control of your reactions“ – Nick Cavuoto 

“If you try you risk failure…if you don’t you ensure it“ – Nick Cavuoto 

“Your disappointments are going to lead to your destiny“ – Nick Cavuoto 

“Be a good person….“ – Nick Cavuoto 

“If you keep playing small you are going to get steamrolled!!!“ – Nick Cavuoto 

“I have a responsibility to step up and to encourage other people to do the same” – Nick Cavuoto 

“God has created people so we can be a reflection and see things in others that we are incapable of seeing in ourselves.  And, I think that’s life’s greatest gift” – Nick Cavuoto

“I’ve watched speakers who have the most insane and greatest ability cower to fear because they don’t feel they are good enough to share their greatest message” – Nick Cavuoto 

“I’d rather be known as someone who has audacious faith as opposed to someone who has a heavy pocket.  To me that doesn’t matter, it’s just gas.  I don’t care about the gas. I care about where we are going and the journey we are on” – Nick Cavuoto 

“I’ve just never been afraid to talk about the things in my life that I’ve failed at – and that’s my superpower” – Nick Cavuoto

“I hear people say a lot – choose faith over fear – I say how about we choose fun over fear and we allow that to be a catalyst to our faith” – Nick Cavuoto 

“We try to solve spiritual problems in our physical reality. And, I don’t think that’s the best way to solve problems in life” – Nick Cavuoto 

“For the first time in history (that we know) happiness is the source of what people aim to achieve” – Nick Cavuoto 

“If we can tap into a different layer of what we know to be true, that becomes the north star” – Nick Cavuoto

“When we have safety we can have success and when we have success we can find luck. And, luck is divine” – Nick Cavuoto 

“When you judge yourself you can’t learn.  I don’t judge anything about my experience anymore about how good of a father, husband or business owner I am, I just tell myself I’m here to learn” – Nick Cavuoto

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Tony Grebmeier (Nick’s Mentor)
Robert Zubrin (Aerospace Engineer)

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