[EP14] Creating A Space For Men To Be GREAT Men | Dai & Nik

[EP14] Creating A Space For Men To Be GREAT Men | Dai & Nik

In this episode I was joined by Dai Manuel and Nik Wood.  The two of them have created an incredible space for men wanting to be GREAT men. For themselves, their families, their friends and for the world. I personally discovered this space at a time when I was searching for a community where I could show up, be seen, be heard and be accountable to becoming the greatest version of myself.

We spoke about the story behind how The MENtorship World community came to be and WHY they created it.  The weekly calls that Dai & Nik created came into my life at a time when I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for, and it was exactly what I needed.  I encourage any of the men watching/listening to this episode to join us on a future call as it will provide you with the support and accountability to be the greatest version of yourself.

Episode Topics

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7:30 | Dai talks about WHY he was inspired to create a safe space for men to be vulnerable
10:50 | Nik talks about WHY he was inspired to create a safe space for men to be seen & heard
19:30 | Dai addresses the topic of “vulnerability” and why it’s a strength, not a weakness
23:09 | Nik speaks to why it’s so important to share without judgement or coaching
29:27 | Why men are driven by “competition” and how it holds them back from growth
31:05 | Why men should celebrate “being human” and aspire to be “superhuman”
39:32 | How surrounding yourself with other great men motivates you to “do the work”
48:48 | Why I decided to join the weekly calls and why I keep showing up every week
50:30 | How to connect with Dai & Nik and how to join a MENtorship call

Episode Quotes

“There were parts of my life where I was really ego driven, very focused on my career.  And as such, those things that I always said were important to me (family, relationships, etc) weren’t a priority any longer.  I wasn’t living in integrity” – Dai Manuel

“As I was maturing and doing my own inner work (coaches, psychologist, counsellors) I realized I didn’t have a lot of close male friends.  Friends that I could be open with, honest with, completely transparent with …. and not fear that I’m going to be judged” – Dai Manuel

“I sometimes joke that I’m a trojan horse, I’m this giant dude so no one ever questions my manliness. But I’m really emotional.  So, it creates a space that other men can share whatever is alive and real for them” – Nik Wood

“I feel we are in the process right now, especially men, where we are redefining what vulnerability is to us. And, I’m loving this conversation that is happening globally” – Dai Manuel

“I think of vulnerability as being courageously authentic. We ask men to share – what’s alive and real for you – and it invites them to lean into living a wholehearted life” – Nik Wood

“When people share in the group that they had a conversation with their father or mother or partner or kids to a deeper degree than they ever have before in their lives, that matters to me” – Nik Wood

“These conversations are healing. One of the things that hit me in the last few weeks was that being able to share what’s alive and real for you without coaching or mentoring or feeling that you are broken – there is something to it that helps you get to that next level” – Trevor Turnbull

“The point is, who are we choosing to be? Dai rolls out of bed impressive to most of the world. And, he’s still challenging himself to his tender edge” – Nik Wood

“I gain a lot of motivation and inspiration from the men that I’ve been able to connect to. Sometimes it’s spoken and sometimes it’s an unspoken accountability to keep showing up and do the work” – Dai Manuel

“I don’t want to do life alone.  And, I want good people to share it with. I look at this as a wonderful community to receive and give support to other men” – Dai Manuel

Episode Resources Mentioned

Getting Vulnerable About Vulnerability (Dai’s Tedx talk)
[BOOK] Gay Hendricks – The Big Leap
The Journey To Becoming Superhuman (Dai’s talk)
The Life Athletics Podcast (Nik interviews Dai)

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