[EP16] Share Your Story To Move Yourself And Others | Brian Bogert

[EP16] Share Your Story To Move Yourself And Others | Brian Bogert

In this episode I am joined by Brian Bogert.  Brian is one of those people that you didn’t know you needed in your life until you hear him share his message. He’s on a mission to impact 1 billion lives and by listening to this episode you’ll be a part of that ripple effect. As he says:

“Moved People Move People”

Brian teaches how to leverage radical authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life you’ve been dreaming of, but have struggled to create on your own. We spoke about how to live life on purpose and the role our powerful wives have played in our individual “messy” journeys.

Episode Topics

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4:28 | Brian challenged Trevor about why he hesitated to use his name in the show
7:38 | Brian and Trevor both speak about the legacy that they intend to leave for their kids
12:07 | Brian shares the story of how he almost lost his arm (and his life) and a young child
18:18 | Why speaking your truth out loud is the gateway to healing past trauma
20:32 | The power of intention and focusing your energy to create everything in your life
22:27 | Brian discusses why everyone has a “story” that will connect and resonate with others
27:46 | Why human connection does not exist without emotion
30:39 | Brian talks about the vulnerable, honest video he recorded with his wife in Jan 2021
41:02 | Trevor shares a story about a vision created 15 years ago that is coming true w/ his wife

Episode Quotes

“My purpose on this planet is to allow my truth to give others permission to live theirs” – Brian Bogert

“There’s no one person that’s going to motivate you to step into the greatest version of yourself.  You need to take personal responsibility first and then surround yourself with good people, put the right things into your head and use the right language – your words are powerful” – Trevor Turnbull

“What I’ve realized is that I have an extremely unique story, but what I also know is that we all have extremely unique stories. And what’s important is that we pause and become aware of the lessons we can extract from those stories and be intentional about how we can apply them in our lives” – Brian Bogert

“I learned not to get stuck by what has happened to me. But, instead get moved by what I can do with it” – Brian Bogert

“Whether it was intentional or not, what my parents did was ingrain in me a philosophy of living to embrace pain to avoid suffering. And I believe that when this is done correctly that is also where we gain freedom” – Brian Bogert

“Vulnerability and authenticity are the glue that binds human connection” – Brian Bogert

“Speaking about the things you may have felt shame about in the past or that you are hesitant to say out loud for the fear that you might be judged for them … the healing begins when you say it out loud” – Trevor Turnbull

“I think the root of all suffering is a combination of the things that are left unsaid, the things that we don’t feel the permission to feel or say, the things we don’t feel we have the words to say or the things left undone” – Brian Bogert

“Whatever you think, whatever you will, whatever you put your energy and focus towards … you have the ability to create it” – Trevor Turnbull

“If you are intentional and aware of what you can extract from your story, I promise you it can connect with other people. And it is absolutely worthy.  You are enough.  Who you are is perfect.  And your story is more than enough.  Because it will move the needle for other people” – Brian Bogert

“I think the human experience is bucketed into 4 things. We all desire to feel safe. We all desire to feel protected. We all desire to be seen and understood. We all desire to feel connected” – Brian Bogert

“My wife is not only my best friend, she’s my greatest confidant, my greatest coach, my greatest mentor, my greatest challenger, my greatest support, my greatest everything.  And, for 15 years she’s continued to love the person she believed me to be. And, she has fought to make sure that I see myself the way she sees me.” – Brian Bogert

“There is no final destination only constant evolution of self” – Brian Bogert

“When my wife said – book the tickets to Costa Rica – she had travelled through Central/South America 2-3 years before we met and that was where she found her passion and love for just being in the moment.  When she said that, I saw that person I met come back into my world” – Trevor Turnbull

“I feel like I’m dating the person I met before all of our triggers got in the way of who we are.  The light, the love the laughter. All of these things we experienced 15 years ago” – Brian Bogert

“My wife lost her Dad a couple of years ago and it still hurts for her.  My parents are still here and it’s gonna hurt when they pass. But I just know that we’ll be able to do it together.  And it feels good to have a co-pilot” – Trevor Turnbull

“If we can actually let those walls down to shift from preventing to creating … you truly can live whatever life you want.  That’s the core of our message – No Limits Living – you can live to whatever limit you set for yourself” – Brian Bogert

“I genuinely believe that we need to choose our pains or our suffering will choose us” – Brian Bogert

“Every time she speaks the world just pauses and says – she’s incredible. I’m not going to push her, but I just want her to see herself the way I see her, which is the ridiculous powerhouse of an individual she is that is wrapped in this beautiful blanket of empathy and compassion that just bleeds out of her.  She is truly a gift to the world” – Brian Bogert

“The reality is we are on a mission to impact 1 billion lives. I say this very clearly because 99.9999999% of people will never pay us a dollar.  And we are very ok with that” – Brian Bogert

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