[EP19] How To Unlock Your Vision When You Are A Hot Mess | David Muntner

[EP19] How To Unlock Your Vision When You Are A Hot Mess | David Muntner

In today’s episode I’m joined by David Muntner.  Dave is a visionary consultant, powerful storyteller, intense listener, word magician, conversion master and a musician to boot!  He is the founder of Renaissance Messaging, a boutique copywriting company and a songwriting retreat called “Song of your Life”.

At the end of the day, David (and his team) help their perfect clients unearth their ideal prospect, reveal their true offer and transform their brand to attract their perfect clients.  His process helps extract “what makes you lovable?”…or, if you are new to the scene, “what will make you lovable?”.  And, as he mentioned on this episode, he only works with “MotherF*ckin Visionaries”!

Episode Topics

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5:02 | Why we thought about ending this interview 7 minutes in (hint: The TT Show)
7:22 | David speaks about where his inspiration came from to become a “visionary consultant”
18:06 | Good idea or Bad Idea – you decide…. (could be a million dollar business!)
24:15 | David explains what a “visionary consultant” does … and why you need one
28:52 | David talks about his powerful “Clarity Conversion Compass” (CCC) process
32:02 | Trevor explains why the CCC process is critical to creating a business that aligns with your life vision
34:33 | David and Trevor talk about the “High Vibe” container that is evolving from this process
45:01 | David talks about his songwriting retreat created to help you write “the song of your life”

Episode Quotes

“When we put labels on people like – that person has ADD – there is a stigma that it’s a bad thing.  But the truth is that person is likely really creative and sees the world in a different way that is different from the norm.  That’s how I feel now, but it took a while to embrace that.  For a long time I was trying to just fit in with what I thought I was supposed to be.” – Trevor Turnbull

“My life is a fuckin mess that could be viewed as a swamp or a Hawaiian paradise depending on who you ask or the time of day.  What I’m reflecting on is the different lives I’ve lived. And it’s fun to reflect on these different lives you’ve led and how if you leverage that information it can become very powerful. But if you keep it spread out and separated you can go crazy.” – Dave Muntner 

“Listening is certainly a skillset and there is almost a requirement to be a curious person.” – David Muntner

“Personal development is really the gateway drug for entrepreneurship.  The deeper you go in yourself the more you create your universe.  And then it becomes – what’s the universe I’m going to create for myself financially and the independence to move in that direction.” – David Muntner

“2 years ago I shifted from Clarity Consultant to Visionary Consultant based on a recommendation from a friend who said – who are your clients – they are motherfuckin visionaries.” – David Muntner

“In my company Rennaisance Messaging I am the CCO (Chief Catalyst Officer), the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) and newly added CEO (Chief Energy Officer) … that is really my lane of genius.  And when I step outside of that I become the CBO (Chief Bottleneck Officer) and you can smell my BO everywhere.” – David Muntner

“Seekers are amazing. They are the coolest people ever cause they are always in search mode and open to any possibility.  The only consequence of being a seeker is that alot of times you find what you are looking for, but you are so fucking addicted to seeking, that you just keep seeking anyway and never hold onto it as if it’s the answer.” – David Muntner

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