[EP2] The ReHabit Project: How “Failing Forward” Drives Change (Part 1) | Mike Olaski

[EP2] The ReHabit Project: How “Failing Forward” Drives Change (Part 1) | Mike Olaski

In this episode I interview my long time friend Mike Olaski. We reminisce about how we met as friends early on in our hockey careers as teenagers. Mike takes us down the journey from being a Junior hockey player all the way through his Team Canada, Pro & Senior hockey days and how those experiences helped shape his beliefs and who he is today.

We also talked about the unique life events and passions (including his experience with drugs) that have shaped his journey and his underlying motivation for creating his REHABIT project.

Episode Topics

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06:24 | Birthed To The Interwebs By A Spider Bite
12:36 | A Hockey Player On Top Of The World
20:43 | How We Are Bound By The Impact Of The People Around You
32:55 | A Renewed Confidence With Team Canada (That Didn’t Last)
42:27 | The Pro Hockey Journey And Shattered Dreams
50:27 | Pivot: A Degree & Senior Hockey
56:37 | Building A Lifestyle Business
1:02:46 | Let’s Talk Drugs
1:09:02 | How To Feel Better
1:20:28 | Intentions
1:30:42 | The Bridge To “Rehabit”

Episode Quotes

“Hockey is a great example of how your future is bound by the people you surround yourself with and how you choose to gel with them or not” – Mike Olaski

“Part of the ReHabit journey that I”m on is about reframing your own relationship with yourself” – Mike Olaski

“When you have a hole in yourself that is unable to manufacture confidence in yourself, then you are always going to be subject to the circumstances you find yourself in” – Mike Olaski

“Find a picture online that resonates for you that can aid you in getting into the emotion space so you can get on that ladder from visualization to emotionalization to actualization” – Mike Olaski

Episode Resources Mentioned

[BOOK] The Reality Revolution – Brian Scott
[BOOK] The eMyth – Michael E. Gerber
[BOOK] The 4- Hour Workweek – Tim Ferris
[BOOK] The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle
[BOOK] Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen
[BOOK] Stealing Fire – Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler

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