[EP28] Your Ascension Journey Starts With Complete Surrender | Danielle Grant

[EP28] Your Ascension Journey Starts With Complete Surrender | Danielle Grant

In this episode I’m joined by Danielle Grant. Danielle was the 4th guest on my podcast and my intention from the start was to revisit the conversations with my guests to see how they’ve “evolved” since the first time we spoke.

Danielle was the perfect guest for my first 2nd interview with a guest as the 10 months between our chats were filled with many life, health, business and chakra upgrades 🙂 This conversation flowed as we discussed what it means to have a “spiritual awakening” and why we are seeing an acceleration in how people choose to live in our 3D reality as we ascend into elevated dimensions!

Episode Topics

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4:16 | Trevor summarizes Danielle’s first interview (EP4)…and she provides the update
8:32 | Danielle shares the physical pain she experienced that forced her to “surrender”
10:42 | Trevor asks whether Danielle would have ascended if not for the forced slow down
12:11 | Danielle explains why we can create change in our life in a blissful state…not painful
15:02 | Trevor explains his recent “uncomfortable” transition and why “slowing down” was challenging for him
18:05 | Danielle explains what “spirituality” means and why it’s misunderstood in society
22:15 | Danielle explains why “peace & joy” are our two truest vibrations as spiritual beings
23:30 | Danielle explains why saying “no” or being “selfish” is not a “self righteous” thing
26:04 | Danielle explains how you can shape your “identity” by being a conscious creator
32:09 | Trevor explains why he believes this awakening is accelerating thru “high achievers”
34:13 | Trevor explains why he’s choosing to lead by example instead of dragging people up the hill
36:44 | Danielle explains why who you surround yourself with is the determining factor to your expansion
39:52 | Trevor and Danielle discuss “The Great Resignation” and the epidemic it will create
42:44 | Danielle talks about The Spiritual Room (and why she created it)
47:47 | Danielle explains why time isn’t real and challenges the idea that something is “too slow”
51:00 | Trevor talks about a “what needs to die” for him to elevate to the next level
53:38 | Danielle explains why spiritual elevation is NOT comfortable…it’s not supposed to be
58:34 | Danielle talks about the power of meditation to tap into a “flow state”
1:05:06 | Trevor explains that there is a feeling of sadness as he elevates to the next level and realizes close friends and family won’t be joining him on that journey
1:10:44 | Danielle talks about the “awakening” we are experiencing as a society (and while it may seem dark…it’s necessary for the light that will come after)
1:12:09 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for right now?
1:12:30 | What is the ONE thing you are more curious about and wanting to explore further?
1:13:10 | What is ONE thing that scares you right now that you know you need to meet with bravery?

Episode Quotes

“For about 3 weeks I could not get out of bed without being in excruciating pain. That was the moment I realized everything I had come to learn about spirituality, consciousness, the awakening and the growth of the human self in the spiritual journey is that…there comes a moment where you just have to surrender” – Danielle Grant

“Every single person has experiences in their life where you get to the very end and it’s so uncomfortable and you are forced to shift.  It’s a natural part of our human experience” – Danielle Grant

“Someone who is awaken to higher wisdom can only stand in the understanding that it doesn’t have to be a negative experience to create change, it can be positive. Without that awareness, you don’t understand that you can create from that place” – Danielle Grant

“Spirituality is the understanding of deeper wisdom. Spirituality in society has become a term that’s very loose and associated with religion, which is why people have a lot of stigma around it” – Danielle Grant

“One of the things you are seeking is freedom and you talk about this idea of overwhelm.  You are not seeking either of those things. What you’re actually seeking is a shift in your vibration that feels more balanced with less things that are effort driven versus time freedom driven” – Danielle Grant

“I don’t think the thing I’m running from or trying to escape right now is being busy or working. I just know that when I’m doing something where I’m blissful, I can do it all day and night and not sleep.  That’s the thing I’m using as my North Star right now to make decisions” – Trevor Turnbull

“I create things out of nothing that some people can’t see…I make them happen.  And that takes the shape of selling something or enrolling someone into something or taking an idea and turning it into something that inspires people” – Trevor Turnbull

“Identity doesn’t go away as long as you’re bound to a human body. Understanding this allows you to get more creative to redefine that identity.  Not enough people play the game of changing their identity” – Danielle Grant

“This awakening that’s happening is really accelerating through high achievers. Because, high achievers financially and people that have created something of impact…they are constantly wanting to keep leveling up” – Trevor Turnbull

“When I’m working with clients and we are talking through the practicality of how they can get their message, story and voice heard…I see so much resistance to it because people overthink it, they second guess themselves, they worry about being judged” – Trevor Turnbull

“So many people are following other people they admire.  But, are they the people that are expanding the way that you want to?  Are they the people that are challenging themselves the way that you want to?  Or are they people that have achieved a certain level of success and aren’t really growing anymore and they are just trying to sell you a product?” – Danielle Grant

“Who we surround ourselves with is the determining factor to our expansion. Going back to understanding spirituality, it’s frequency and vibration at the root of it.  And that’s why it really matters who we hang out with” – Danielle Grant

“All I know is that everyday I’m just here to expand. Everyday I’m here to walk a little bit closer. Every day is going to be something different. One day it’s going to be really great and the next it’s going to be full of lessons” – Danielle Grant

“I see it in my clients all the time.  There is so much rooted fear that has nothing to do with reality that’s present right now. It has everything to do with what they are holding on to from their past. And, it’s not being talked about enough” – Trevor Turnbull

“That 3.5 years of trying to build a business (Your Mindset Mentor) and succeeding and moving through fear and not listening to naysayers and moving through doubt and changing beliefs and having healing crises and chakra upgrades…was actually me getting ready for this business (The Spiritual Room) today which is now ready for the world of this great awakening” – Danielle Grant 

“I crave the uncomfortableness of the next level. But, I think I’ve been guilty myself of not appreciating or acknowledging what got me to her.  Instead I default to…what needs to die to get to the next level” – Trevor Turnbull

“One of the things you just said was – it’s uncomfortable.  This work isn’t comfortable. Alot of people have a misconception about spiritual work and enlightenment.  It’s very uncomfortable. It’s the most uncomfortable work you will go through mentally and physically” – Danielle Grant 

“I wrote a manifesto.  It was almost like a Jerry Maguire moment.  The flow state I was in when I wrote that…if I could harness that…that is the ultimate high that I’m looking for all day” – Trevor Turnbull

“Something I learned from Wayne Dyer is that when you get up between 2-4am…that’s your highest self asking you to wake up because it has a message to deliver” – Danielle Grant 

“What I’ve come to learn, and what you will learn, is that when you evolve and you become your best self…it will naturally and unconsciously start to irritate other people” – Danielle Grant

“Look at collectively what we’ve all been experiencing for almost 2 years. We’ve been experiencing growth, a shift, an awakening.  And, it has to be hard core. But it will get better…it’s the law of the universe” – Danielle Grant

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