[EP3] The ReHabit Project: How “Failing Forward” Drives Change (Part 2) | Mike Olaski

[EP3] The ReHabit Project: How “Failing Forward” Drives Change (Part 2) | Mike Olaski

In this episode, I continue my conversation with my long time friend, Mike Olaski. We picked up our discussion where we left off in Part 1 talking about the intention behind his REHABIT project as well as the life events that created the inspiration for this passion project.

Our chat dove deep into talking about the people in his life that have impacted who he is today, how he sees himself and why he is committed to living his greatest life. And, of course, the drivers behind how REHABIT can help you create your greatest life as well.

Episode Topics

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4:15 | Origins of the ReHabit Project
25:12 | Biohacking your beliefs
33:45 | Impact of family and relationships
56:51 | Vision boards and 5 year plans
1:08:36 | People and works that have influenced Mike

Episode Quotes

“The willingness to tell the truth in the story is half of the journey to get us to where we ultimately think we want to be.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I’d prefer to stand on the shoulders of giants and to pop up potential so that their voices are amplified.” – Mike Olaski

Episode Resources Mentioned

Rehabit App – YouTube Channel
[BOOK] Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
[BOOK] The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Human Performance

Guest Contact Info

Mike’s Personal Website
Connect with Mike on LinkedIn
Check out Mike’s ReHabit Project