[EP31] Let’s Talk About Mental Health & Suicide | Trevor Turnbull

[EP31] Let’s Talk About Mental Health & Suicide | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I speak about something close to my heart. I believe this is also a topic that we all need to talk about more. And, simply put, we need to “talk” more. After all, everyone has experienced “trauma” in their lives (in some way, shape or form). And, when we speak our truth out loud so we can be seen and heard … that’s when healing happens.

As Gabor Mate says “Trauma is not what happens to you…it’s what happens inside you”

This episode is building on my last one where I spoke about “what this pandemic is doing to my kids”. I felt compelled to address what many people are feeling in the world right now by connecting it to some personal stories about mental health and suicide. (and how I’ve chosen to reframe both in a way that serves me at this moment of my life.)

My hope is that by starting the discussion, I will open the space for others to speak their truth. Because when we do, magical things happen all around us. I appreciate you for listening to me, and I encourage you to reach out to me if anything I’ve said resonates with you.

Your truth matters! And, remember that healing happens in respectful, empathetic, vulnerable, honest conversation. Find your community. Speak your truth. Lead with love.


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A Consequence Of Gaslighting The Inconvenient Injured (Aubrey Marcus)
Sick Not Weak (Medium Article by Tyler McKinna)
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The Nuclear Power Of Hugs (Dr. Zach Bush)
Doctor’s Revolutionary Analysis of THE HIDDEN VIRUS (Aubrey Marcus & Dr. Zach Bush)
The Mentorship World
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Greg Doucette talks about losing his son Logan to suicide (LinkedIn Post)
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