[EP33] Does Your Tribe Elevate You To Be Your Highest Self | Steve Gordon & Danielle Grant

[EP33] Does Your Tribe Elevate You To Be Your Highest Self | Steve Gordon & Danielle Grant

In this episode I’m joined by Danielle Grant and Steve Gordon. Two people in my life that lift me up, give me energy, challenge my beliefs and elevate my highest self.

Danielle is the founder of TheSpiritualRoom.com and is a spiritual guide that has helped me navigate my own personal journey of “spiritual awakening”. Steve is the CEO/Founder of UnstoppableCEO.com and someone that I highly respect for how he shows up in the world and serves leaders that have a message to share.

We spoke about some deep topics related to “speaking your truth”, “how to find your tribe”, “embracing your failures”, “the stories we attach to” and “what happens when we die”. Conversations like this matter…I hope you enjoy it!


Episode Topics

7:24 | Steve speaks about the “magic” of conversation in podcasting
10:00 | What does it mean to “speak your truth” and will it get you what you want in life?
16:09 | Danielle & Steve speak about the internal/external conversation about “highest self”
20:12 | How can we create “impact” in this world when we default to “taking action”
26:56 | How do you find your “tribe” when you are seeking community and mentorship
32:10 | Why does “making money” and “following your purpose” need to be separate?
37:44 | How to reframe what it means to “fail” in entrepreneurship (not what you think!)
40:25 | What makes Tom Brady the “GOAT” is not his wins, but his response to failures
46:45 | How does “energy” & “vibration” play into your current and future reality
49:48 | The “stories” we attach to when there is no verbal feedback loop (silence)
1:00:07 | What does the term “highest self” mean and how do we distort it?
1:05:33 | How to reframe to the idea of “death” and “evolution”


Episode Quotes

“I think there is a certain magic in conversation. It’s baked into us as human beings pretty deeply.  It’s how we’ve made allies. It’s how we’ve entertained ourselves. It’s core to how we interact with one another.” – Steve Gordon

“The entrepreneurial disease that we are talking about is that they are so focused on the learning things that facilitate their physical reality and do very little to actually understand the internal reality that actually matters more.” – Danielle Grant

“You get to a state of mindfulness & awareness by asking the deeper questions of – why am I in this place?  Why do I feel uncomfortable? Why do I feel anxious? In the moment of those questions you are engaging the vibrational field in which those discomforts live within.” – Danielle Grant 

“I’ve been in a lot of different masterminds. And, a lot of times you end up around people that are just pretending. I find that I want to be around people who are building real businesses that have longevity.  Where they have a mission beyond the money. I am attracted to being around people that are building something that is bigger than themselves.” – Steve Gordon

“I had built up a business that was doing about $700k per year, barely profitable, I had $200k in debt, my relationship with my wife was terrible, the people I had working with me were not really inspired. I was tired, depressed and angry. That’s what I said out loud. And, it opened up the space for everyone else to tell the real story.” – Trevor Turnbull

“The only way to fail in the entrepreneurship game is to quit the game.  Simon Sinek put some good words around it in his book, The Infinite Game. As long as you are in the game and have another turn to play, you are not losing” – Steve Gordon

Tom Brady has played 22 seasons in the NFL and has won 7 championships.  That’s approximately one out of every 3 years. That 33% win rate is an exceptional example of success. What I admire about him is that he reframes the losing years as an opportunity to learn and adapt.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I think the failures along the way are super valuable.  To me it’s where the growth comes from. Those are the things that force you to ask the deeper questions.” – Steve Gordon

“If we don’t look and analyze our relationship to the word failure or anything distorted like that, that’s where we get stuck. That’s the power of asking questions.  How do I redefine the way I’m looking at failure is so powerful.” – Danielle Grant

“I have a choice on whether I attach to the silence (no feedback loop) or if I stand in my truth where I spoke from a place of empathy, compassion and love.  There was no hate or anger. However someone else attaches to it, that’s for them to work through.” – Trevor Turnbull

“We often want to beat down silence or replace it with words. Silence is the mindful state, it is that present state. And that’s why it’s so uncomfortable and why many of us do not seek it. The ego mindset is not rooted in silence.” – Danielle Grant

“When I look at – highest self – there is this forward looking measuring stick that you’ll never get to, and that’s depressing. I don’t always want to look at the gap of where I am now and that far out goal. To me it’s far easier to be happy when I’m looking at the progress I’ve made ” – Steve Gordon

“My cousin is an EMT.  So, he has been taking seniors from old age homes to the ICU for the last year.  He lives in a world that is filled full of death. I found myself getting triggered by his perspective on the COVID situation.  And I had to step back and analyze – what is the underlying root of his attachment to the idea of death.” – Trevor Turnbull

“From a higher perspective, the amount of fear that we’ve experienced during this pandemic was parallel to the amount of unity and love we are seeking now. We are seeing a shift from fear into love. But in order for love to come into fruition, we have to go through fear.” – Danielle Grant

“In the famous words of not only Steve Gordon, but also Garth Algar from Wayne’s World – Live In The Now.” – Trevor Turnbull


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