[EP34] From Elite HydroFlight Athlete To Conscious Creator | Mike Prince

[EP34] From Elite HydroFlight Athlete To Conscious Creator | Mike Prince

In this episode I’m joined by Mike Prince. How do I describe Mike Prince. Well…he’s my neighbor, he introduced me to cold plunging, he’s the local owner of Hydrofly Kelowna, he’s a former elite Hydroflight athlete, he has a sales background, he’s a husband and father of 2 young boys (similar age to my kids) and he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease within the last year.

Mike joined me in my home podcast studio for my first “in-person” interview to tell his story (the entire “messy journey) and how he’s reinventing himself through mindfulness, breathwork, meditation and presence. We spoke about what it takes to shed the “stories” we attach to that are holding us back from living our best lives. As well as, what the future of sales, parenting and connection looks like when you focus on the day and change your story.


Episode Topics

6:40 | Mike explains why he bought me the “Tell Me Your Story, Dad” book
8:05 | Trevor and Mike discuss Jordan Peterson’s quote on the Joe Rogan Experience
13:09 | Mike challenges Trevor to “sit in the silence” in the cold plunge
16:33 | The power of “silence” in the sales game
18:08 | Why the metrics we measure in sales are not telling the full story
21:56 | Mike shares his “messy journey” that challenged him to reinvent his identity
30:01 | Mike speaks about the “lightbulb moment” when he embraced spirituality
33:10 | Mike talks about how he found out he had Lyme disease (and learned to love it)
41:52 | Trevor shares how he manifested pain in his life because of jealousy over Lewis Howes
45:06 | Mike reflects on why leading with love is a conscious choice
51:08 | Mike & Trevor talk about “changing the story” and the importance of patience
55:50 | Trevor challenges Mike about whether he’s “ready” to influence others
1:07:44 | The “truth” shall set you free … or will it?
1:20:27 | Why we can’t live in a constant state of “bliss”
1:24:46 | Where to start once you’ve created the intention to reinvent yourself
1:29:00 | Mike speaks about his vision for the future in this moment right now
1:34:54 | Trevor walks Mike through a visualization of his “best life”
1:35:55 | Mike & Trevor speak about the power of manifesting your reality
1:38:40 | Trevor speaks about vision for The Dragonfly Collective


Episode Quotes

“I know that if I’m authentic in speaking my truth on my podcast, my kids are going to see that as a blueprint of my life and how I’ve shaped my beliefs” – Trevor Turnbull

“If you think about the amount of content you put out and consume on a daily basis…to sit in the silence is a challenge but also a blessing when you learn to harness it.” – Mike Prince

“Old sales tactics are dead.  I don’t answer phone numbers I don’t recognize. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kind when I do end up on cold calls, but what works in sales today is listening and aligning the need with a solution” – Mike Prince

“Why are we not talking about human performance in the sales role? It’s not all just excel sheets and numbers and call volume leads to X, Y & Z. Why don’t we measure how many times you’ve journaled or went in the cold tank the past month?” – Mike Prince

“I went into the new year in 2021 and I just wasn’t happy. I was a high-achiever in my job, I love my kids and I love my wife and I could not figure it out. I knew in my heart of hearts that this was not healthy” – Mike Prince

“I was waking up in the morning with my kids, and instead of throwing on the TV for them, I was taking them to my favorite view in the house where we can see the sunrise and the mountains and just sitting with them…having conversations with them.” – Mike Prince

“I was at a point where I thought – If I get into a physical altercation where I need to protect my family, I don’t think I can. And that terrified me.” – Mike Prince

“I remember talking to my wife and saying – I need to plan a bike ride to Alaska. I was asking the universe for a physical challenge. The universe delivered, but not in the way that I wanted it to” – Mike Prince

“I wished I had a more painful story that allowed people to resonate with me and the pain in my hero’s journey. How that manifested for me was 2 pre-term births.  Something that if I knew what I was capable of manifesting, I would have never wished it if I knew the power I had to create it” – Trevor Turnbull

“If you think about any emotional decision you’ve made in your life or a decision you’ve made during a state of frustration or anger…do you think it was an effective one?” – Mike Prince

“Everyone is focused on instant gratification. I did the thing…where’s my reward? We are all guilty of it.  Everything that we want to master and build habits around take time.  Life is a marathon.” – Mike Prince

“If you want to create a massive impact on the world, you don’t need to focus on creating a podcast with millions of downloads. You need to focus within and allow your way of being to create a massive ripple effect on your immediate circle of influence.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I am the greatest version of myself right now.  It’s impossible to not be. Does that mean that we don’t aspire to be greater?  Of course not. But, it inspires the shit out of people when they see others that are illing to leap off the cliff first and say – grab my hand.” – Trevor Turnbull

“When you open the door to conscious creation and take a peek inside, you can choose to pretend you didn’t see that.  Or, you can make a conscious choice to be a part of the positive change needed in the world.” – Trevor Turnbull

“If we live in a constant state of high, bliss vibration without the duality of the lows…and learn to love the shit out of the lows…you lose the essence of life.” – Trevor Turnbull

“When we are consciously aware of the everyday routines that are not serving us and make minor tweaks…even if you fall back into the routine, who cares, if you are winning 1 day of the week, that’s a change in a positive direction.” – Mike Prince

“I feel like I’m coming into my true mission and who I’m meant to be. I believe my next step is a podcast of my own, where I can really talk through this stuff. The conversations I’ll have and the topics I’ll dive into are going to provide me with clarity.” – Mike Prince 

“I do need to visualize and manifest more. I need to hear the waves and feel the wind on my skin while I’m working on the laptop and in 2 hours I’ll join my family on the beach and take my little dudes on the longboard.” – Mike Prince

“We just created a piece of content here that becomes a bit of a launching pad for you to decide – is what you said your authentic truth?  And, if it is, jump off the cliff. And, if it’s not, that’s cool too.  But, at least it’s an intention.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I’m a huge believer in the collective.  Who you spend your time with directly impacts your ability to elevate to your higher self.  It’s why I’m creating The Dragonfly Collective.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“I’m going to read something from The Daily Stoic Journal for you – Are you cultivating the invincibility of your power to choose?.  Sit with that.” – Mike Prince


Episode Resources Mentioned

Mike Prince is Kelowna’s king of hydro flight (Global News)
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Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast)
What you Don’t Know About Your Digital Legacy (Gary Vaynerchuk)
Change The Story Challenge (Inbodied)
Lukis Mac – Breathwork
The Daily Stoic Journal – Ryan Holiday (Book)


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