[EP37] How To Expand Consciousness Around The World | Mario Torres

[EP37] How To Expand Consciousness Around The World | Mario Torres

In this episode I’m joined by Mario Torres. Mario is the Founder of Infohana, a translation agency capable of localizing content, marketing assets and graphics to the Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian markets.

Mario and I connected via a mutual friend in a Mastermind and immediately connected on a number of levels. We are both fathers to 2 young boys. We are both entrepreneurs. We are both driven to create impact in this world!

We dove into a number of topics including how he is creating an exponential impact in the world by introducing transformative products and services to markets outside of the English speaking world.


Episode Topics

5:54 | How an experience in Mario’s teens empowered him to find self love
10:38 | Mario’s desire to become a conscious millionaire
13:19 | Why the “4 hour workweek” wasn’t inspiring
18:01 | Mario’s thoughts about spirituality vs religion
26:10 | What it means to choose to be your “higher self”
31:07 | How Infohana is expanding consciousness around the world
33:17 | How Mario’s company helped Mindvalley double their revenue in 2 years
36:17 | How technology is bringing us closer together
37:41 | The “black space” that shifted our chat to conscious parenting
42:39 | Why embracing and focusing on the journey leads to ultimate happiness
49:50 | Why do you want what you want? Ask yourself….why?
50:57 | Who is ONE person/mentor that has been most influential in your life (all time)?
53:36 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that is the most influential in your life (right now)
54:24 | What is the ONE philanthropic cause that means the most to you and why?
57:45 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for in your life right now?
58:19 | What is the ONE thing that you are most curious about right now and wanting to explore more in your life?
1:03:24 | What is the ONE thing that scares you right now that you know you must meet with bravery?
1:04:36 | Where can people find out more about you and connect with you online?


Episode Quotes

“I was going to be a priest at one point.  I thought maybe I’d be a quantum physicist. My wife is pretty happy that I’m not a priest.” – Mario Torres

“I went to a cabin out in the woods and meditated & journaled for 3 days.  I realized that what moved me personally was making an impact, changing people’s lives and making a difference.” – Mario Torres

“I asked Google the worst questions ever – how to become a millionaire – I entered this online MLM business.  I lost a lot of money.” – Mario Torres

“I think if you are lazy and ambitious, that’s a good combination.  If you are lazy and have no ambition, that’s a bad combination” – Mario Torres

“I didn’t start this journey so I could live a fun, stress free life. The goal was to create impact and change the world.” – Mario Torres 

“People now have access to this life changing information that was in English and is now in Spanish, French, German, etc.” – Mario Torres

“In order to be a spiritual person, it’s about your actions, your words, your energy and how you impact the people around you.” – Mario Torres

“I am currently the greatest version of myself.  There is no doubt.  How can I not be. But I’m constantly aspiring to be a greater version of myself.  Which means I have to forgive myself when I make wrong decisions or raise my voice or whatever the case my be” – Trevor Turnbull

“My goal is not to change somebody.  It’s to become the best version of myself that holds space and projects something out into the world that allows that other person to self-reflect.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“When you show up in that true, authentic self that you are…it resonates through your staff, the clients that you are working with and the conversations that we have.” – Trevor Turnbull

“It’s super important that you don’t go through your life being run by an ideology. Rather you use the ideology, but the ideology doesn’t use you.  Make sure it’s a part of you, but it doesn’t become you.” – Mario Torres

“I’m not anti-science or anti-vaccine…I’m open to all possibilities. But I want to embrace the scientific minds of the world to think – what are we looking at?  Are we looking at it from the right lens?” – Trevor Turnbull

“Mindvalley saw a 150% return on ad spend in other languages compared to English. They were able to double their business in 2 years and that’s incredible.” – Mario Torres

“We hear so much about how social media is ruining society.  But it’s also creating tremendous opportunities for my kids to connect with your kids. My kids are speaking Spanish everyday because of an app called Duolingo.  So, we can focus on all the negative, but there are also some real incredible things happening.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“How do we raise our kids to be emotionally intelligent and culturally experienced. How do we show our kids that we can be comfortable in the unknown and the silence and be forgiving to ourselves and just let it flow.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“The only thing I want my kids to embrace is…whatever path you go down and whatever you choose to pursue…just enjoy the journey.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“There’s a really simple exercise to find your life purpose.  Ask yourself the question…why? When you answer that…ask yourself again…why?  And then go 3 to 5 to 7 layers deep on that and you’ll get to the truth. And, if you don’t know the answer, then that’s something you need to curiously explore” – Trevor Turnbull

“Every cent that’s above our minimum profit margin (and it’s very low)…I give everything to my team.  And I try to make it as impactful as possible.” – Mario Torres 

“What is the lesson I’m supposed to learn from this. How can I look at it differently. Even though sometimes it sucks. The cold plunge on my deck is a great metaphor for this – I don’t want to get in…there is 2 inches of ice on this damn thing – but jump in the pool.” – Trevor Turnbull 


Episode Resources Mentioned

How We Helped Mindvalley 2X Their Yearly Revenue Through Multilingual Expansion
The Laws of Human Nature – Robert Green (Book)
The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle (Book)


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