[EP38] Why Your Joy Journey Is Connected To Civility | Shelby Scarbrough

[EP38] Why Your Joy Journey Is Connected To Civility | Shelby Scarbrough

In this episode I’m joined by Shelby Scarbrough. She is the author of Civility Rules!, a TedX speaker and Co-Founder of The Global School of Entrepreneurship. We spoke about what it means to be “civil” in the crazy world we live in…as well as why she felt called to create an MBA program focused on serving the entrepreneurs of the world.

As Shelby says…Civility is a promise that we make to each other. It is a proven path to our joy. Morals are subjective, and everyone views what’s “right” and “wrong” differently. Where do you fall in the spectrum of having a solid moral compass? Are you civil when it matters?


Episode Topics

6:45 | Shelby speaks about her journey from the White House to who she is today
11:57 | How “civility” has changed over the last 2 years due to COVID, politics & war
15:46 | Why personal responsibility is critical to creating a more civil world
18:57 | The neurobiology of why civility is important and how it can support change
24:17 | Why we need to see the world through the eyes of others without local media bias
29:15 | Why anger is actually an expression of love
33:50 | Why disruption in business can be good and bad (depending on perspective)
36:30 | Why Shelby decided to create The Global School of Entrepreneurship
44:54 | What is the “joy journey” and why we are all seeking it
47:58 | What is ONE thing you are most grateful for (and why)?
49:41 | How can people find out more about Shelby?


Episode Quotes

“We’ve come to this place now where it’s almost tragic. We are not able to hear each other anymore because we are so polarized.  Especially in North America where if you don’t believe what I believe – then you are evil” – Shelby Scarbrough

“I’m the only one that can change the world around me for the better. And, hopefully that will encourage others to take on the challenge too. I can’t go around telling people how to behave.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“It gets me thinking how powerful – or misconstrued – words can be.  I’ve heard people reference the COVID situation as – you are either a Covidian or a Covidiot or something in between.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“Not everyone has the same definition of civility.  So, that’s a good place to start. In my world, the root of civility is civil.  And, it goes back to the idea of community and collaboration and cooperation.” – Shelby Scarborough

“The strict definition of a civil society is one that has a trusted banking system and a trusted legal system.  That’s kind of a baseline for what we consider a civil society. But as I said, there are very primitive societies that are very civil and we can learn a lot from them.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“There’s a really fine line between creating diversity and inclusion as a mandatory obligation and taking personal responsibility to reach into other cultures and not expecting that culture to reach into yours.” – Shelby Scarbrough 

“I don’t like the institutionalization of behavior.  What I’m hoping for is that we have a discussion around personal responsibility and what our responsibility is to one another but not what I am obligated to do because I was told by my company, by my government, by anything.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“There are exercises that we can do to increase our ability to empathize with other people, why this is important and how we can achieve certain goals that way.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“Instead of responding with anger.  I need to get to the root of what the anger is. And I need to understand it.  I don’t need to agree with it. It’s about being able to disagree and maybe we find some common ground.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“Emotions and feelings are different from facts. We need to separate those things.  A belief is not necessarily a fact.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“My international business professor back in 2001 told me to go to the library and research news articles about the same topic from different parts of the world.  That really opened my eyes to a perspective outside of what my local news told me.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Maybe I should stop with my internal complaining and my external complaining – to my wife – where she is taking the brunt of my perspective and belief systems and instead train myself to be more empathetic while still having my own opinion.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Ask yourself – what am I feeling – and get in touch with your own core feelings and that will help you parse it a bit and move forward.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“For anyone that doesn’t know, when you scroll through your social feed and slow down for a second…you see more stuff like that…just so everyone knows.” – Trevor Turnbull

“There is collateral damage when there is disruptive behavior in anything. When I think of innovation in disruptive technologies in business, am I against it – no.  But I just think we need to recognize who is going to be impacted by advances in technology.” – Shelby Scarbrough 

“A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have an MBA.  And there is a school of thought that they don’t need one because the MBA is a product meant for middle managers in bigger companies. But those skills are valuable to anyone in business.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“We don’t take the entrepreneur out of their environment.  We want to facilitate their learning using what they are doing in their businesses.  And, be able to make it very pragmatic and practical, along with the theory.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“I did the Harvard Owner, President, Manager program which I found really interesting. But it was most valuable to me because of the other people in the class.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“For example in the Entrepreneur MBA class we’ll be talking about Bitcoin and Blockchain and AI.  And, there might be a time where you don’t have to have that introductory conversation about all that kind of stuff.” – Shelby Scarbrough

“The education that I get to create for my kids includes emotional intelligence, learning about what is coming in the future as well as culture.” – Trevor Turnbull


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