[EP4] Let Your Journey To ONENESS Begin Here | Danielle Grant

[EP4] Let Your Journey To ONENESS Begin Here | Danielle Grant

In this episode, I was joined by Danielle Grant. Danielle is Your Mindset Mentor, podcaster, speaker, and spiritual gangster. She is also the host of the Mind Vibe Podcast and a passionate paraglider.

We discussed the experiences in her life that led her to become a mindset mentor, discover meditation, why everything is energy, how to face imposter syndrome, and much more!

A college & corporate dropout, Danielle spent the last 18 years obsessively studying personal growth, buddhism, and the mental mind. An expert on mindset, she now shows other Entrepreneurs how to attain peak mindset performance & make stepping into their next level business and personal goals easier than ever before.

Episode Topics

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5:23 | Why she chose to “go live” 100 days in a row on Facebook
9:36 | The impact her childhood had on her journey as a “Mindset Mentor”
14:00 | Why she believes that everything is based on “frequency” & “energy”
18:45 | How her teenage years led her into a dark place (and what she learned)
26:36 | What her beliefs are on the meaning of “life is suffering”
29:08 | How she has dealt with “impostor syndrome”
31:47 | How her “3 Step Mindset Framework” can help shift your beliefs
37:13 | How meditation has helped her and her clients create a new reality
43:39 | Why she created the “Focus & Productivity Report”
47:06 | Who is the ONE person/mentor that has been the most influential in your life to date?
49:14 | Who is the ONE person/mentor who is the most influential in your life right now?
49:33 | What is the ONE thing that you are most excited about right now?
51:20 | What is ONE philanthropic cause that means the most to you and why?
54:47 | What is ONE thing that you are most grateful for right now?
55:20 | What is ONE thing that you are most curious about right now?
56:42 | What is ONE thing that you are facing with bravery right now?
56:58 | What do you believe is one thing that’s holding you back from living your greatest life right now?
57:27 | What is ONE piece of advice you would give me to be able to live my best life?
58:05 | Where can you find out more about Danielle Grant?

Episode Quotes

“You always know the answer and the first time you ask, the answer is never going to be right there. So you have to give yourself some grace and some space.” – Danielle Grant

“Become obsessively curious to understanding oneness.” – Danielle Grant

“Someone was bold enough to call me out at a vulnerable stage in my life and it changed my life.  And now I have no problem doing it for other people because i know that it’s the thing they need to hear to actually get them to shift” – Danielle Grant

“We are here to suffer, and the whole point of it is for us to awaken that we don’t have to suffer.  And, when we figure that out we are on the path of enlightenment.” – Danielle Grant

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The Children’s Hospital

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Danielle’s Website
The Mind Vibe Podcast