[EP42] You Don’t Need Therapy To Heal Childhood Trauma | PJ Brady & Danielle Grant

[EP42] You Don’t Need Therapy To Heal Childhood Trauma | PJ Brady & Danielle Grant

In this episode I’m joined by Patrick (PJ) Brady and Danielle Grant. I have been introducing Danielle to all of the amazing people I’ve attracted into my world the past few months and the conversations have been AMAZING!

So amazing in fact that I’ve been thinking…I should share these with the world! Unscripted, honest, vulnerable conversations … with no intention of publishing them for the world to see. Which is what makes them so engaging to listen to / watch.

I guess I’ll call this the “Fly On The Wall” series … because that’s what it is. You are getting a peek into the everyday conversations that I’m having with Conscious Creators that are making a difference in the world through their work and by how they are showing up every day.

We spoke about transitioning into the spiritual world, what’s wrong with therapy, ascended information, how to see more “beauty” in the world, why teachers deserve more support and much, much more!


Episode Topics

00:36 | The relief we are all feeling with business coming back after C*VID
1:30 | My introduction of Danielle to PJ (and why I wanted to connect them)
5:54 | Danielle tells PJ about her ascension from “Your Mindset Mentor” to “Spiritual Guide”
12:49 | What’s wrong with the “therapy” people seek to support their mental health
17:29 | There are no original ideas in the world…everything is ascended information
20:00 | Why we are all aspiring for a slower pace, less noisy world
22:13 | Imagine a world where we teach kids to see more “beauty” in everything
38:11 | Trevor explains his purpose of elevating the change makers of the world

“I’ve learned though that the people that truly are coming into my life now are coming to me because their own soul is guiding me. It’s not even about me anymore. It’s about their soul needing to come into my experience to help them ascend, which is a completely different experience than most people are in.” – Danielle Grant

“The feedback I received from people I work with is – you’ve helped me more than my psychiatrist or my counselor in 10 years, because it’s just a completely different experience. I’m not talking to your human, I’m talking to your soul and that’s not what any of these people are educated in.” – Danielle Grant

“4.5 years ago Facebook took my Facebook page down and I still don’t have access to it. They told me I couldn’t validate my business model of – Consciousness.  Because I was sharing about consciousness and they wanted to censor it.” – Danielle Grant

“My kids talk to me about being afraid all the time.  And, it’s such an awesome conversation to have.  I never went to my parents with that. So, we start to develop language around it and habits around it. And as they get older and develop courage, it’s a tool in their box.” – PJ Brady


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