[EP44] When To Trust Your Gut And Go All In On A BHAG | Ryan McKenzie

[EP44] When To Trust Your Gut And Go All In On A BHAG | Ryan McKenzie

In this episode I’m joined by Ryan McKenzie. Ryan is the co-founder of Tru.Earth – an eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s as sensitive on your skin as it is to the environment (650,000 customers). This is a company that started 4 years ago that has now made a major dent in the highly competitive “laundry detergent” market.

We discussed his journey as an entrepreneur and the “addictive” nature of entrepreneurship. We also discussed how his priorities have shifted as he became a Dad and why he decided to invest his time and money into TruEarth and how its growth has given him energy where it might actually drain or intimidate the average person.


Episode Topics

9:30 | Why did Ryan decide to start TruEarth (the Dollar Shave Club of laundry)
15:48 | The truth about the entrepreneurial rollercoaster
20:54 | Why as marketers we need to solve problems (not sell features)
25:25 | Why you need to seek mentorship to level up your skills and as a leader
30:36 | Why do we need to “find our tribe” to feel normal as an entrepreneur
35:02 | How to overcome “anxiety” as an entrepreneur in networking environments
41:30 | Why you need to get your reps in to be ready for the big leagues
44:00 | How to be a high-achieving entrepreneur AND a present Dad
54:57 | Who is ONE person/mentor that has been more influential in your life (all time)?
55:35 | Who is ONE person/mentor that has been more influential in your life (at this moment)?
57:01 | What is the ONE philanthropist cause that means the most to you (and why)?
1:00:03 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for right now?
1:00:50 | What is the ONE thing you are curious about and looking to learn more about?
1:02:43 | What is the ONE thing that scares you that you know you need to meet with bravery?
1:08:46 | How can people find out more about Ryan & TrueEarth?

“Whenever I’d get close to being burnt out I’d think – what is this all for?  Am I just pursuing this for money or is there something more I can do to leave a better world for my kids?” – Ryan McKenzie

“We have this process we call VLOS. It’s validate, launch, optimize, scale.  If we don’t hit the number we want, we pack it in. We said we want to sell 150 products.  We ended up selling 1500 in the first month. 34 months later and 650,000 customer…it’s been a journey!” – Ryan McKenzie

“I get so overwhelmed that I almost get sick, I get depressed. The only thing that I’ve found that solves it is to write down all the things and break down what I can do in 15 minutes and what is a bigger project.  As soon as I knock off those 15 min tasks…it all goes away.” – Ryan McKenzie

“If I stay in something for too long and I lose the drive for it, I’ve learned enough now to be self aware and realize when it’s time to pivot.  Even if it’s painful (financially), I just need to trust that I’m going to go the right direction.” – Trevor Turnbull

“The best thing about masterminds is that the people are there to raise each other up. It’s not about competition or egos. Everyone is going through different stuff and everyone wants to lift each other up.” – Ryan McKenzie

“What’s difficult about entrepreneurship is that most people are not entrepreneurs. So, they are going to give you their advice through their lens. It’s good advice from their perspective. But, their risk profile could be different from yours.” – Ryan McKenzie

“I bet you if you asked 100 people that aren’t marketers if I should get into the laundry detergent business…99 of them…maybe 100 of them would have probably said no.” – Ryan McKenzie

“If I didn’t go through all the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.  I wouldn’t have been able to capitalize on the opportunity (of TruEarth) when it presented itself.” – Ryan McKenzie. 

“I call it Forest Gump(isms). I”m just smart enough to know when to NOT listen to the voice in my head that says – this is a bad idea.” – Ryan McKenzie


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