[EP45] The Compound Interest Of Your Health, Fitness & Relationships | Brian Pannuzzo

[EP45] The Compound Interest Of Your Health, Fitness & Relationships | Brian Pannuzzo

In this episode I’m joined by Brian Pannuzzo.  Brian is the founder of The Success Lift where he helps men get fit, reconnect with their family and live a life of true success.  He is also the host of the popular podcast of the same name where I was a guest a few weeks ago!

Brian and I were introduced by a mutual friend (Tyler McKinna) and hit it off right away.  We have similar backgrounds in that we both had our early identity tied to being an “athlete” and then transitioned into the corporate world.  Until one day…he had to face the loss of his mother and an ultimatum from his wife.  


Episode Topics

5:10 | Who is Brian Pannuzzo and what drives him to support other men
18:56 | Can you create change in your life without pain?
28:41 | How can you upgrade your “circle of influence” with technology?
36:49 | Why do we need to take responsibility for our personal health?
52:11 | How can we lead with positivity in a fear based world?
1:02:30 | What can we do as parents to ensure our kids become kind, empowered humans?
1:06:53 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for in your life right now?

“Shortly after my Mom passed away, my wife came to me with some what of an ultimatum. She said – I’m not going anywhere right now, but if we didn’t have 2 young kids I’m not sure I’d be here. That was a real slap in the face for me.” – Brian Pannuzzo 

“I made a bunch of changes, I started with my health, I started to lose weight, I thought if I looked better my wife would love me more.  She really just wanted me to show up as the man she knew I could be.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“How many people can say that they were making a true career decision at the age of 17. We don’t know what we are doing for lunch at 17.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“If I’m not a Wall Street guy, then what am I, who am I?  I asked myself that questions for 3 years straight.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“I had a coach who challenged me to start a side hustle. I decided that I would ask 10 friends to allow me to coach them (on nutrition and fitness). I didn’t know what the curriculum would be, I just knew that I could help them.  I thought 0 of them would say yes…and 7 of them said yes.  That was the start.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“If I want to create influence and help build the world I want my kids to grow up in, and see my kids become the happiest version of themselves, I need to be the example. I can’t tell them what to do.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I find the man that comes to me for support has tried to create change in their life before, they’ve failed a number of times, they’ve realized they have a bunch of good things happening in their life, but it’s close to burning down to the ground a bit.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“I find people want to vilify technology when actually, some of the most incredible people I’ve met (including Brian), I’ve never actually met in person.” – Trevor Turnbull

“If you are a parent, you are the ultimate influencer.  I have two kids that on a daily basis that are watching every move that I make.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“At 74, I plan to be shooting jump shots with my grandson. I plan to be going on walks, I plan to be moving around, I plan to be enjoying my life. I not the athlete that I once was, but I’m always going to be an athlete.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“If you are not taking care of yourself, you do not have sovereignty in this world. You are subject to someone else imposing a mandate or a rule or a law on you.  And, you may have to follow it because you may not have any other choice.” – Brian Pannuzzo

“Sadly, years from now…after it’s long too late…I’m of the opinion that we’ll likely look back on this (pandemic & mandates) and realize it was one of the greatest crimes against a generation of people that we could have ever committed as a society.  ” – Brian Pannuzzo 

“There’s definitely a mistrust that’s happening with the mainstream media now.  People are not stupid. They see what they see, and then when they get the news report saying the opposite…they think – Am I crazy? Am I being gaslit right now?” – Trevor Turnbull 

“If we are all in this together…do your part…get healthy.  The data is clear. What are you doing to contribute to our society right now? If you are sitting at home judging someone else because you went and got 3 jabs in your arm and you’re not doing anything to get healthier on a daily basis, I don’t want to hear from you.” – Brian Pannuzzo


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