[EP47] How A Passion For Music, Imagination & Creativity Birthed A Kid’s Album | Roy Chong

[EP47] How A Passion For Music, Imagination & Creativity Birthed A Kid’s Album | Roy Chong

In this episode I’m joined by Roy Chong. Roy is the founder of Noodlewave (a Citizen of Republix).  We have that in common as my agency was also acquired by Republix a few years ago.  Roy also happens to be located in the same city (Kelowna) as me and has 2 young boys.

Roy is an extremely talented creative. In fact, before he started Noodlewave, he was a music producer who won a Juno award and had music on the Billboard charts. He’s now taken that creative talent into his work with clients and recently produced a kid’s album (Song Heroes) that combines animated cartoon characters (modeled after his family) with positive, catchy educational songs.


Episode Topics

4:39 | Roy explains how he met my wife (Sharmila) before I knew her
8:26 | Roy discusses his background as an successful music producer
27:15 | Roy talks about starting a content marketing agency before it was a thing
36:28 | Roy explains why creativity is the key to successful marketing campaigns
42:01 | Roy outlines how imagination and action created Song Heroes
55:26 | Who is ONE person/mentor that has been most influential in your life (all time)?
56:10 | Who is ONE person/mentor that is the most influential in your life (right now)?
59:16 | What is the ONE philanthropic cause that means the most to you (and why)?
1:00:39 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for?
1:02:08 | What is the ONE thing you are most curious about (and want to explore further)?
1:04:46 | What is the ONE thing that scares you that you know you must meet with bravery?

“There was a moment in my music producing career where I had to choose between buying toilet paper or veggies. That was the struggle.  And, the question was…would the payoff be worth it?” – Roy Chong

“Think about artists today.  If you have talent, you have the ability to get your art out there. You don’t have to convince anyone that it’s good.  You just have to put it out into the world and let the world decide whether there is a market for it.” – Trevor Turnbull

“It’s unfortunate that we only take audit of our goals once we’ve had some clarity of milestones achieved.  But, in the moment, we are so hard on ourselves.  As creators who want to make an impact…when we reach 100,000 people instead of 2M…somehow we don’t recognize the impact we are making.” – Roy Chong

“As I left the music industry it was humbling as I had to move back in with my Mom. I had to do what I had to do…I dumped all my money into going back to school to get my Commerce degree.” – Roy Chong

“I had a 7 page resume (more like a portfolio) that screamed don’t hire me.  It screamed…I’m not going to stay in this job for more than 6 months cause I’m going to get bored and go start something new.” – Trevor Turnbull

“My wife did videography and I could do marketing. We decided to start an agency that uses content to help brands build equity by unlocking the wisdom, experience & knowledge they have.” – Roy Chong

When I started Noodlewave in 2010, content marketing wasn’t really a thing.  I was telling people I was going to create an agency built around content marketing and they didn’t believe I could make it work. Now it’s what digital marketing agencies are built around.” – Roy Chong 

“Our currency for human connection is our story. What we help brands do is unearth that sliver of the story that we feel is going to reach the KPI that they want for their business.” – Roy Chong

“My wife always told me – you should make kids’ music. I love listening to music with my kids, but I wanted to listen to music that I want to listen to…without the vulgar content you’d hear in a billboard charting song. That’s how Song Heroes was born.” – Roy Chong   

“I wanted to give my kids a template of what’s possible with your imagination if you just put action to your thoughts and creativity. Everyone’s had a million dollar idea in the shower. It’s just that they didn’t do anything with it.” – Roy Chong

“People that have been through the pain and the struggle and have learned to embrace it and love the shit out of it…it’s so enlightening. This podcast is my little piece of trying to create more positivity in the world.” – Trevor Turnbull


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