[EP48] How Your Greatest Pain Can Fuel Your Passion For Living | Christine McAlister

[EP48] How Your Greatest Pain Can Fuel Your Passion For Living | Christine McAlister

In this episode I’m joined by Christine McAlister.  Christine and I unfortunately have a shared experience of losing a child due to stillbirth.  I first learned about Christine’s loss via a LinkedIn post where she spoke vulnerably about the day she lost her daughter Maeve in 2015 (and I shared about losing our daughter, Indya, in 2016)

To be clear, this interview was filled with gratitude. Christine has an infectious personality and through her loss, she has found her purpose to live life with passion. And, not surprisingly, she has built a business that’s sole purpose is to empower impact-driven entrepreneurs to share their gifts with the world by leveraging her “Powerhouse Podcast Guesting Method”.


Episode Topics

6:24 | Trevor reads the LinkedIn post that brought him to tears
9:11 | Christine shares the story of her daughter’s birth and passing
13:28 | Trevor shares the story of his daughter’s birth and passing
20:23 | The moment Christine realized her true purpose in life
28:34 | Christine explains who she is here to serve and why
32:50 | Why is Christine so passionate about podcasting?
40:56 | Why you need to stop looking to the “gurus” for the answer
46:29 | What if the abundance you are looking for is already inside you?
49:52 | Who are the people that Christine attracts and serves
58:03 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for right now?
1:00:24 | Trevor explains his spiritual awakening (and what it’s created)
1:06:42 | How can people connect with Christine?

“I remember sitting on the bathroom floor crying one Easter because someone said something that brought up a lot of emotions. I was trying to figure out who I was becoming because the previous version of me had died with her (Maeve).” – Christine McAlister

“I remember saying to myself – I know I have greatness in me.  What am I doing with it? What am I doing with this one precious life? I realized that because of my fears  I had been playing it safe. That fear got stripped away when I lost Maeve.” – Christine McAlister

“I thought to myself for years that I need a better story, I need a better story, I need a better story. All of a sudden, I lost a child and thought…shit…not THAT story! It was that moment that I realized that I am the conscious creator of everything in my life.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I developed this method of going on podcasts with total detachment of expectations…because it was really fun. The end. And then people asked me to start teaching it. I get to elevate the voices of people that have important messages to share.” – Christine McAlister 

“What I love about podcasting is the ability to connect one on one with someone and go deep. To flow in a conversation and have it be shared with the world. It’s the best way to attract the people you can best serve.” – Christine McAlister 

“I was a professor. I’ve been on both sides of the system. I think the school system is backwards.  It did not set me up to be a successful, empowered creator of my own life.” – Christine McAlister

“It’s wild what our ego is doing to try to keep us safe. My ego is mean. To get through the pain after a lot of mistakes, a lot of money invested, trying to find the silver bullet…I wondered…what if the answers are inside of me?” – Christine McAlister 

“Yes, money buys us homes and cars and helps us take vacations…but, in the last 2 months as I’ve begun to speak out loud my own truth..I’m attracting people to me that’s creating an abundance of wealth. A limitless abundance of wealth for everybody.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“I help people that are impact driven. They are amazing at what they do, but they are sick of (or scared of) getting burned by ads and funnels and all that stuff. My clients tell me – I just want to connect with people. When I get the chance to connect…the right clients come to me.  That’s who I serve.” – Christine McAlister

“I’m really grateful to have the power of presence modeled for me.  Trevor, you have a super grounding energy in my perception. I know it’s a good conversation as I’m flush and feeling hot…and I was cold before I started this interview. I am in this thing!” – Christine McAlister


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Christine’s LinkedIn post about losing her daughter
Lewis Howes – School of Greatness


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