[EP49] 7 Reasons We Are Moving Our Family From Canada To Costa Rica | Trevor Turnbull

[EP49] 7 Reasons We Are Moving Our Family From Canada To Costa Rica | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I talked about why we are moving our family to Costa Rica. Full disclosure, I’ve never been to Costa Rica. I’ve heard good and bad things about the country. I have friends who have lived there. I have friends who currently live there.

Ultimately though, this experience is something that I’ve been visioning for over 15 years. It started when I read a book called “Unlikely Destinations – The Lonely Planet Story” back in 2007. And, that dream is now coming true!

I broke down all the reasons we are planning to move. Some obvious reasons (sun and surf) and some not so obvious reasons (education, politics & taxes). My hope is that this inspires someone to follow their dreams and take the steps TODAY to make it a reality!


Episode Topics

1:30 | Why I trust my wife’s intuition (there is a history here 🙂
6:19 | How “The Lonely Planet Story” changed my life vision forever
10:04 | Why this opportunity to move to Costa Rica didn’t “just happen”…I created it
12:52 | Why the pandemic speed up the ability to live and work in another country
14:25 | Why my wife and I chose “You & Me” by Dave Matthews as our wedding song
15:23 | Reason #1: The weather (good old Vitamin D!)
17:58 | Reason #2: Access to healthy, fresh food
20:09 | Reason #3: The surfing culture
22:55 | Reason #4: The education opportunities
29:58 | Reason #5: The Canadian politics (we gotta talk about it!)
34:48 | Reason #6: The Canadian taxes (and our medical system)
42:34 | Reason #7 | The Costa Rican culture

“We are not going to Costa Rica to transplant ourselves into another culture and be the same people with the same operating system as we have here (in Canada). And we won’t be seeking out friends that want to turn Costa Rica into Canada.  We want to integrate into the culture and society.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I made a lot of decisions over the last 15 years that were intentionally made to put me in a position where when the opportunity presented itself (to move to Costa Rica), that I would have no excuse and no limitations to create that life.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Anyone that watches this and thinks – man, I’d love to move to Costa Rica. This was a decision…yes it was 15 years ago. But you have to just start. You have to jump into something you have no clue about, find your mentors and take the leap!” – Trevor Turnbull

“The pandemic sped up the ability to live and work in another country.  In March 2020, there were 200 Million people that started using Zoom. Anyone that was resistant to remote meetings had to adapt if they wanted to keep working. Their only decision was…should I wear pants today or not?” – Trevor Turnbull

“My wife and I’s wedding song is You & Me by Dave Matthews. We chose it because we said that we are going to have a family one day and we will travel the world with them.  You & me together…and our kids will be with us every step of the way as well.” – Trevor Turnbull

“When I realized that I can’t muscle my way into catching a wave…I have to be intuitive, feel, observe and take action quickly when it’s time to go. And, when I understood how smooth and effortless it can be when you catch a wave by just letting go…that is something that you never forget.” – Trevor Turnbull

“I can’t wait for my kids to learn how to surf. To respect the ocean. To be one with the ocean. To understand flow. These kinds of lessons took me 40 years to figure out…and mostly through pain. I want them to experience it in a state of bliss…in paradise” – Trevor Turnbull

“My wife (Sharmila) and I are passionate about what we do (digital transformation, leadership growth, talent elevation)…helping amplify the impact of the people and the companies we work with…to create more happiness in this world.  That’s what we do, that’s our core genius, we are exceptional at it, world class.” – Trevor Turnbull

“What makes me happy is being an educator. I didn’t go to school for it, but I’ve had 26000+ people purchase online courses & mentoring programs that I’ve created. I am a teacher. It is my core genius.” – Trevor Turnbull

“When we live in a country (Canada) that is now saying…this is what you can and can’t do, can and can’t say…and if you don’t like it…we are going to shut you down.  We are going to censor you and shut down your voice.  We are going to restrict your ability to make an income or even freeze your assets…I’m sorry…but we are out of here.” – Trevor Turnbull 

“I want to help others that are ready to take that leap into creating everything they desire…because it’s possible. I don’t care what stage you are at right now…I’m here to amplify the impact of change makers of the world.  The first step is YOU believing that you are one of those people.” – Trevor Turnbull


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