[EP50] How Your Vulnerable, Honest Story Has The Ability To Inspire Others | Sherrie Clark

[EP50] How Your Vulnerable, Honest Story Has The Ability To Inspire Others | Sherrie Clark

On this episode I’m joined by Sherrie Clark. Sherrie is a best-selling and award-winning author, author coach, ghostwriter, and editor, and award-winning publisher. She’s helped many others’ dreams and aspirations become a reality, one that is tangible and that you can hold in your hand.

We discussed the topic of “storytelling” and how it can be very healing and insight for others on their own journey. I’ve yet to write a book, I aspire to write a book…but I haven’t made the time to do it yet. So, I had a lot of questions for Sherrie on how I should approach this from a writing, editing, publishing and promoting perspective. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book you are going to love this episode.


Episode Topics

5:08 | How Sherrie went from being a NYC Cop to a best-selling author
8:55 | The time that Sherrie was homeless and how it pushed her to go all in
11:36 | Why do people hesitate to share their story?
15:12 | How your ability to be vulnerable can inspire other to create change
17:18 | Why we sometimes need someone to pull our inspiring story out of us
21:39 | Why should you consider writing a book?
25:49 | Where is the future of book publishing going?
29:57 | Should you try to make money from your book or with your book?
33:00 | Why you need to start with WHY when you write a book?
36:09 | What is the number one thing that stops people from writing a book?
38:57 | Where should you start when you know you have a book in you to write?
45:40 | Who is ONE person or mentor that has been the most influential (in your life)?
46:39 | Who is ONE person or mentor that is most influential in your life (right now)?
48:00 | What is the ONE philanthropist cause that means the most to you (and why)?
50:31 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for?
51:20 | What is the ONE thing you are most curious about (and looking to explore further)?
55:05 | What is the ONE thing that scares you right now that you know you must meet with bravery
58:02 | How can you connect with Sherrie?

“I can tell you all of these facts about domestic violence or human trafficking and you may find it interested, but you likely won’t remember it. But, if I tell you with a story, you are going to remember it” – Sherrie Clark

“Maybe I should actually share my story with the intent of it touching someone’s heart that causes them to shift the way they show up in the world.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Your ability to be vulnerable is what is going bond your readers to connect to your story” – Sherrie Clark

“Everybody loves Spiderman.  But, it was Peter Parker that they bonded with because he had the flaws. It made him more relatable” – Sherrie Clark

“If you want to do a book, make sure you also do a podcast.  And if you are doing a podcast, you should write a book.  You should really do both” – Sherrie Clark

“Don’t write what you know…write what you are passionate about.” – Sherrie Clark

“Start with WHY and then strategy and then get into the tactics. If your driver for writing a book is to wrap a marketing campaign around it to generate sales…that’s when it loses its authenticity.  You can tactic your way into burnout very quickly” – Trevor Turnbull


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