[EP51] What I Learned Cold Plunging 89 Times In 160 Days | Trevor Turnbull

[EP51] What I Learned Cold Plunging 89 Times In 160 Days | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I spoke about the obsession I have with COLD PLUNGING! 🙂

Yes, I know what you are thinking. WHY would I go in a cold plunge (willingly) 89 times in 160 days! Well, I can tell you it’s been the most transformative experience of my life. And, not just for the health benefits … it’s allowed me the challenge I was seeking to create impactful change in multiple areas of my life.

I spoke about WHY I decided to take the leap, the research I did before doing it, the lessons I learned along the way and why YOU might consider joining me in a cold plunge soon!


Episode Topics

3:54 | How I got started with cold plunging
6:50 | My reaction the first time I went in the cold plunge
10:00 | The stats on my cold plunging venture over the last 160 days
13:21 | Why Mike and I created “The Cold Plunge Truth” YouTube show
17:50 | My intention for doing cold plunges that was grounded in a commitment to growth
19:47 | Reflection #1: The health benefits & challenging myself
22:32 | Reflection #2: The resistance is persistent…keep going
24:23 | Reflection #3: My breath is powerful when I tap into it
25:37 | Reflection #4: Sitting in silence is harder than bearing the cold
28:03 | Reflection #5: Hard things are easier done with others
29:00 | Reflection #6: My wife sees me showing up consistently
31:31 | The Extremely Conscious Retreat – June 10-12 in Kelowna, BC
35:51 | Want to join us in The Cold Plunge Truth? (here’s how!)

“My wife asks me every couple of weeks…why do you cold plunge?  And, why do you KEEP doing it? I figured I’d answer that question in this episode. :)” – Trevor Turnbull

“The first time I went in my cold plunge I lasted 30-45 seconds and I thought I was going to die.” – Trevor Turnbull

‘I’ve jumped in the cold plunge 89 times in the last 160 days.  My longest streak was 12 days in a row.  It’s hardwired my brain to lean into doing hard things (even when I don’t want to).” – Trevor Turnbull

“The reason I started cold plunging back in December was because I knew I wanted to push myself. I knew I wanted to commit to growth. I knew it was going to be uncomfortable. I was going to challenge my beliefs and lean into things that would cause me to level up.” – Trevor Turnbull

“My intention when I first started doing cold plunges was to train my brain and body to feel the pain & fear … and do it anyway.  I could train myself to do that in all areas of my life.” – Trevor Turnbull


Episode Resources Mentioned

The Cold Plunge Truth (YouTube Show)
The Extremely Conscious Retreat
Dr. Nima Rahmany – Trigger Proof Cycle Breaker
Andrew Huberman (Using Deliberate Cold Exposure For Health & Performance)
Citrus Pie Media (Creative Video Agency)


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