[EP52] The #1 Way To Create The Freedom Life You Desire | Mark Savant

[EP52] The #1 Way To Create The Freedom Life You Desire | Mark Savant

On this episode I’m joined by Mark Savant. Mark is a creator that also amplifies the voices of creators. He does this through his business, Mark Savant Media. And, it manifests into podcast education, masterminds and post-production.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Everyone should have their own podcast. You have truth to share…there is no better way to get your message out into the world. And, when you are ready to step up…it’s guys like Mark that have been in the trenches and made the mistakes so you don’t have to!


Episode Topics

4:15 | Mark talks about gator wrestling and a bachelor party 🙂
4:58 | Mark and Trevor talk about engineering a life to live in the sunshine
8:39 | Why your mentors need to be in the trenches with you
11:39 | Mark shares the story about when he knew he was an entrepreneur
16:05 | How has podcasting played a part in Mark’s growth
18:42 | Mark talks about what his grandfather told him that changed his life
21:30 | How the tools we have access to now are game changing
23:33 | Mark explains how he consults people that want to start a podcast
28:38 | Mark talks about his “Podcast Launch Kit” to get up and running in 6 weeks
34:15 | Mark dives into why he created the Podcast Savants Mastermind
38:29 | Trevor explains why he believes podcasting is the #1 way to build your freedom life
40:32 | How do you motivate your guests to share your podcast episodes?
48:50 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for right now?

“In the mastermind that I run, it’s not just me teaching everyone then I go drink a beer on my porch. I’m in the weeds too. There’s too many people talking and not enough people walking.” – Mark Savant

“I’ve noticed an entrepreneurial disease in high-achievers where there is a worthiness conversation that we have to address at some point. That boss that didn’t give you that promotion and fueled your fire…forget about that guy…you are enough.” – Trevor Turnbull

“When you start to develop a business, you have to develop a business that solves a problem.  I saw podcasting as a future and I built a business around helping people launch their own podcast.” – Mark Savant

“One day I’m going to be sitting in a chair and explaining my life story to my daughter’s kids. It made me think…what is that life going to look like?  That’s how the After Hours Entrepreneur show was born.” – Mark Savant

“I find people will launch a podcast episode and expect the downloads will start rolling in. The thing is…no one cares. You have to position your content in a way that makes people interested.  People make decisions based on emotion.” – Mark Savant

“The first dollar you get from someone is the hardest dollar you will get from them. If you get someone into your ecosystem at an inexpensive price point, it becomes much easier to get them to buy products & services from you in the future.” – Mark Savant

“My purpose is to amplify the voices of the change makers of the world. I can do that by leading by example. But I also align myself with people that have more experience and expertise who can infinitely expand my impact.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Podcasting in my opinion is the #1 way to build the freedom life that you are looking for. End of story. And, you should not go and try to figure it out yourself.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Want your podcast guests to share your interview? Give them one short video, one image and tag that person properly (on social) and ping them on DM. That’s easy.  Make it easy for your guests to share your interview.” – Mark Savant


Episode Resources Mentioned

Tell Me Your Life Story Dad (book)
Create Your Brand Identity Guide (podcast)
The Podcast Launch Kit (6 Week Program)
Trevor’s interview on the After Hours Entrepreneur podcast


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