[EP53] Your Higher Self Is Calling…Will You Answer? | Trevor Turnbull

[EP53] Your Higher Self Is Calling…Will You Answer? | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I decided to “free flow” a bit. No script. No notes. Just speaking the truth. Channeling whatever comes to mind. If you’ve been following my journey for any length of time (in particular the past 6 months), you would have seen that I’ve gone through a dramatic transition. What I used to “believe to be true”…I no longer “believe to be true”.

So, what changed? Why do I speak my truth freely? Why am I not concerned about what people might think? What has it created in my life? What has it left behind? These are all questions I addressed in this episode.

And, I share this with YOU right now, because if you choose to watch/listen to my message, I want to invite you to “Reclaim YOUR Higher Self”. The first step is here: https://thesourcecollective.net 

Curious? Click the link above and begin your journey.

Did I lose you already? Please close this episode down…and go do SOMETHING that will move you closer to achieving your dreams.

But, PLEASE … don’t waste your time by listening to this, having “good intentions” to “reclaim your higher self” and then do nothing about it.

Move….take COMMITTED action right now! That’s all I ask of you. 🙂


Episode Topics

0:40 | My intention (and reason) for recording this episode
1:45 | Why I co-created The SOURCE Collective with Danielle Grant
6:09 | What does it mean to “reclaim your higher self”?
7:45 | The first multi-million dollar idea I did NOT take action on
12:30 | The retreat I co-created that make NO “logical” sense
17:20 | Why we created the “Higher Self Video Series”
23:09 | The next step you need to take right now…



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TheSourceCollective.net (Higher Self Video Series)
ExtremelyConscious.com (Men’s Retreat)
The Cold Plunge Truth (Weekly Cold Plunge YouTube Show)