[EP54] Exploring The Creative Process To Manifest Your Dream Life | David Muntner

[EP54] Exploring The Creative Process To Manifest Your Dream Life | David Muntner

In this episode, I’m joined by a 2nd time guest – David Muntner. David is a word magician and visionary thinker. Every time I chat with him, the words and ideas flow. I hired David and his team back in September 2021 when Danielle Grant and I were birthing the idea of The SOURCE Collective.

We talked about the process that he ran us through to help us create the vision. And, we let the conversation go wherever it needed to go. If you are a “creative” thinker (or aspire to be one), you are going to enjoy the way this chat goes down one path, ends up on another and eventually ties back to the foundation of how we started.

This was my favorite conversation on the podcast to date. David’s team calls him the “pinball” and he says “Yes, I am the pinball wizard. We are making magic all day.” If you aspire to write a song that tells the story of your life, you are going to want to listen to this one!


Episode Topics

6:10 | David tells a story about the word “energize”
7:07 | Trevor provides an update on what’s happened the past few months
10:00 | David talks about how the book “Messy” was impactful for him
11:30 | David asks Trevor if he has “momentum” in all the “stuff” he has going on
14:58 | Does Trevor feel like everything is “working” in his life?
22:24 | Can you truly have more by doing less?
28:35 | How to write the song of your life?
37:40 | Why does Trevor want it all and what does that mean?
43:17 | David explains why everyone can write the song of their life
44:20 | Trevor reflects on “having it all” right now
46:41 | David supports Trevor in expanding on the vision of The SOURCE Collective
57:08 | David explains what he’s up to and how you can work with him

“The question I was putting to the universe back in September 2021 was…can I have it all? Is it even possible? Do I need to sacrifice that in order to get this?” – Trevor Turnbull

“I have an alter-ego.  His name is Davey Harris.  He’s released 3 songs with another 100 or so coming soon. My goal is to release more songs than the Beatles. I write songs really fast.” – David Muntner


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The Song Of Your Life (email David)
Renaissance Messaging