[EP55] What I Learned Hosting 8 Men At The First Extremely Conscious Retreat | Trevor Turnbull

[EP55] What I Learned Hosting 8 Men At The First Extremely Conscious Retreat | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I reflected on the this past weekend where we hosted 8 magnificent, elevated men at our first Extremely Conscious Men’s Retreat. I spoke about the entire journey from when Mike and I met on the streets of Glenrosa (our community), how our friendship evolved over the past number of months, why we decided to create a retreat, the ups and downs of organizing the retreat and then reflections on the experience of the past weekend.

As I write this, I’m both grateful and proud of what we’ve created. Grateful because we are truly blessed beyond measure to have created this event. And proud because OF COURSE we created this magical experience. We are the conscious creators of everything in our lives!

I’m currently integrating all of the lessons I’ve learned throughout this experience and I’m excited to see what we will create going forward. The world needs more conscious men that will help raise the next generation by BEING the change we wish to see in this world.


Episode Topics

3:35 | How Mike and I met on the “mean” streets of Glenrosa
5:30 | My introduction to cold plunging (which has become an obsession)
7:37 | How a “bro weekend” led to the inspiration for the retreat
9:42 | Why you need to make non-negotiable time for your “me” and “us” time
10:30 | The imperfect committed action we took to create the retreat
20:20 | Why embracing the “pain” is critical to growth
27:00 | What’s next for the Extremely Conscious Retreat?
31:55 | How you can join the next Extremely Conscious Retreat
32:42 | You are the creator of your best life (one committed action at a time)
34:20 | How to access your “higher self” right now (get the video series)

“When I planned a – bro weekend – with my neighbor Mike Prince, my first thought was – can I really just get away for the weekend, without my wife and kids.  Am I selfish for thinking that I can spend some time to do self-reflection and quite frankly do nothing if I want to.” – Trevor Turnbull

“My wife and I go away for a couple retreat every quarter and we make it non-negotiable.  And, of course, there are always a million reasons why we should cancel every time, but we do it anyway because it’s important.” – Trevor Turnbull

“We ended our retreat weekend with a cold plunge.  It was a metaphor for the – hard shit – we face in our lives.  Many of them having nothing to do with physical challenges we face but rather speaking out loud your truth or acknowledging a pain that has happened in your past.” – Trevor Turnbull

“You can muscle your way to getting the wife, the kids, the house, the cars, the trips…but there is always this empty feeling of – is that all there is? And then as men we default to – what’s next!?  That can be completely draining.” – Trevor Turnbull

“My committed action and what I call into my life shows up for me.  I just need to be consciously aware enough to recognize it and move when those opportunities present themselves. When you start moving you create momentum.” – Trevor Turnbull 


Episode Resources Mentioned

The Extremely Conscious Men’s Retreat
The SOURCE Collective – Higher Self Video Series


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