[EP56] How To Become The Bank And Build Your Wealth | Michael Hession

[EP56] How To Become The Bank And Build Your Wealth | Michael Hession

In this episode I’m joined by Michael Hession. Michael is a long time client (and friend) who is disrupting what we know about the “financial planning” industry. He helps entrepreneurs build lasting financial security by transforming debt into wealth using specific, low-risk, proven whole-life insurance policies that place you in the driver’s seat of your finances.

We dove deep into the topic of why our financial system is broken, what you can do about and what the future holds (yes…we even talked crypto and blockchain) 🙂

Michael is a family man that truly cares about the people around him. And, he has made it his mission to ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge necessary to build the wealth that you and your family deserve with the Infinite Banking Concept.


Episode Topics

10:10 | Michael explains Infinite Banking Concepts
12:28 | Who can take advantage of the Infinite Banking Concept?
15:56 | Can you do this in Canada (and other countries) the same as in the US?
22:15 | What is the difference between term, whole & permanent life insurance
28:00 | Should you invest in Infinite Banking or real estate?
32:36 | How Walt Disney started Disneyworld without bank funding
34:24 | How to tap into your whole-life insurance policy to fund your lifestyle
39:54 | What happens if you have loan debts when you die?
42:20 | A story about Michael’s client who loaned himself money to buy a business
47:40 | How does the crypto space impact the Infinite Banking Concept?
50:10 | Will the government disrupt the decentralized economy?
53:14 | Why isn’t everyone doing this?
57:47 | Our financial system is broken…now what?
1:02:22 | Why is Michael passionate about his work?
1:05:47 | What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for?
1:09:00 | How can you connect with Michael



Episode Resources Mentioned

Principles For Dealing With The Changing World Order (Ray Dalio)


Guest Contact Info

What Is Infinite Banking And Why Should You Care?