[EP57] The Vulnerable, Honest Truth About My Pursuit To “Have It All” | Trevor Turnbull

[EP57] The Vulnerable, Honest Truth About My Pursuit To “Have It All” | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I spoke about the 12 Dimensions Of Life. These are foundational pieces to what I believe we all need to embody (and constantly level up) to truly live a fulfilling life. It was something I created back in Nov 2021 (as I was going through my own personal reflection on “what does it mean to have it all…and is it possible for me to attain it?”)

What I shared in this episode was not only the “what” behind the 12 Dimensions Of Life…but also where I’m currently grading myself on my own personal journey to attaining self-actualization.

I kept it real in this recording. I told the truth. Which is not to say that I’m crushing it in all areas of my life. Quite the opposite. But, I am committed to always evolving. And, I hope that you find inspiration in what I’ve created and who I’m committed to becoming….every single day.



Episode Topics

3:07 | Why I needed to “slow down” to “speed up”
6:23 | How Danielle called me UP (again) 🙂
13:36 | What are the 12 dimensions of life?
19:02 | The truth about how I’m showing up in my life right now
21:39 | Self Assessment (Self Care – 6)
24:03 | Self Assessment (Fitness/Exercise – 6)
24:53 | Self Assessment (Health/Nutrition – 6)
26:04 | Self Assessment (Community/Social – 4)
27:55 | Self Assessment (Parenting – 7)
29:01 | Self Assessment (Relationships – 8)
31:35 | Self Assessment (Finances – 7)
35:08 | Self Assessment (Business Alignment – 8)
44:16 | Self Assessment (Impact/Influence – 7)
49:23 | Self Assessment (Intellect – 8)
50:57 | Self Assessment (Character – 8)
52:00 | Self Assessment (Mindfulness – 4)
55:57 | How do I continue to evolve and “have it all”?
1:00:42 | How can YOU join me on this journey?
1:03:48 | How can you RECLAIM your higher self?



Episode Resources Mentioned

TheSourceCollective.net (Higher Self Video Series)
The Reclaim Experience (The Spiritual Room)


Guest Contact Info

TrevorTurnbull.com (new website coming soon 🙂