[EP58] Creating Limitless Possibilities By Connecting Good People | Kevin Thompson

[EP58] Creating Limitless Possibilities By Connecting Good People | Kevin Thompson

In this episode I’m joined by Kevin Thompson.  Kevin can simply be described as a super nice guy who has a passion for connecting good people.  Forget about the fact that those people he’s connecting are highly successful in business.  At the end of the day, he sees character in the person before he ever worries about how much money they make.

Kevin and I dove into how he didn’t even intend on creating the business he now leads and how his humble beginnings have led to him being the “connector” to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.  This interview will be inspiring to anyone that might be wondering how they can build the business and life they’ve always dreamed of by being a super connector!


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“The people on my short list for my first live event were all very established entrepreneurs who had a track record of getting results for their clients.  But, more importantly, they were some of the most giving, generous people that I knew.” – Kevin Thompson

“Just being a connector of other people is an incredible business model (and a way of being).” – Trevor Turnbull

“By asking questions and being genuinely interested in what someone has to say, you end up giving people a gift that is very rare.  You give them the gift of being seen, heard and understood.” – Kevin Thompson “When I think about setting up systems to manage my contacts it makes my head hurt. I just want to talk to people and connect them.  I just love talking with entrepreneurs.” – Kevin Thompson


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