[EP61] Taking Personal Responsibility To Move Forward In Your Life | Dr. Nima Rahmany

[EP61] Taking Personal Responsibility To Move Forward In Your Life | Dr. Nima Rahmany

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Nima Rahmany.  Nima is a 2 time guest on my show.  And while the first go around was powerful, this conversation ascended to a whole new level!  Nima and I met in person on March 10, 2018.  A day that both of us will never forget.

Nima shares a story about what happened that day that changed his life forever (and ultimately got him arrested and charged with domestic violence).  He shared what he has learned from that experience, how he has processed the incident and what he did (and is continuing to do) to take personal responsibility for his part.  This is a vulnerable, honest conversation that will serve many people that have been through (or are currently facing) a similar situation.

He has truly turned his “mess” into his “message”. And, by sharing his story, he is serving others to heal from anxiety and codependency, dismantle recurring family conflicts and create secure relationships from the toxic situations we’ve all inherited from our family of origin (parents, caregivers, siblings)


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“In my own personal experience of working with social workers or psychologists, I’ve walked out of the sessions thinking – you are doing the right thing Trevor.  But, I was thinking to myself – this shit ain’t working!” – Trevor Turnbull

“Most modalities (of healing) and society structures are very into promoting the victim story. No one gets together by chance.  We call in people to purposely bring up our childhood wounding.  It’s important for us to break these trauma bonds and get to the root cause of why it happens” – Dr. Nima Rahmany

“The #MeToo movement has been amazing for exposing and bringing to light people who have constantly been silenced and feeling ashamed because they don’t want to speak up. But, like all good things they have a shadow. And, now the #MeToo movement has been weaponized.” – Dr. Nima Rahmany


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