[EP63] What A Ride! Now It’s Time To Pivot My Podcast! | Trevor Turnbull

[EP63] What A Ride! Now It’s Time To Pivot My Podcast! | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I celebrate my 1 year anniversary since the launch of The Trevor Turnbull Show! It was enlightening to look back on this journey and reflect on all the “false starts” and “unnecessary delays” that had me launch in August 2021.

I reflected on the guests I was fortunate to talk with on over 55 interviews and some of the highlights from those interviews. I also talked about how the production, post-production and distribution of my podcast evolved over the past year to be a finely tuned machine with detailed workflows executed by an exceptionally talented team.

And, finally, I talked about how I’m going to shift/pivot my approach to podcasting going forward so it is more in line with the life I get to live in Costa Rica, as well as my calling to step up and TRULY amplify the impact of the change makers I speak with every week!

If you’ve spent any time listening, watching or reading content on my podcast….thank you!!! It means a lot to me. And, know that this is just the beginning as podcasting is a “way of being” for me now. 🙂


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