[EP68] Are You Ready To Step Into Your True Calling? | Heather Hanson Wickman

[EP68] Are You Ready To Step Into Your True Calling? | Heather Hanson Wickman

In this episode I’m joined by Heather Hanson Wickman. She is the co-founder of Be Untethered and the author of The Evolved Executive. Her clients struggle with navigating change and uncertainty, making massive career transitions, and building highly engaged and top-performing teams.

In this conversation we discussed her “breakdown” 6 years ago that led her to quit her “dream job” to support high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs explore how plant medicines (like Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and San Pedro) can help them experience profound change, heal from the past, and provide clarity to the future.

This was a truly enlightening conversation on a topic that many people are now exploring (including myself). Heather’s willingness to own her truth and step into her purpose is truly paving a path for others to explore plant medicines as a way to unlock one’s true potential & purpose and then how to integrate this work with the guided support of “horse medicine”


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Ready To Evolve Your Life & Business With Plant Medicine?
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