[EP71] How 1000’s Of Women Have Created A Freedom Business Online | Sarah Mae Ives

[EP71] How 1000’s Of Women Have Created A Freedom Business Online | Sarah Mae Ives

In this episode I’m joined by Sarah Mae Ives. Sarah and I met in Los Angeles in 2019 at a workshop hosted by one of our mentors, Scott Oldford. At the time, she was going through a transition in her business & life and was about to birth a new business that would become a key part of her purpose…helping women own and build profitable businesses that allow them more time, freedom and money working from home.

She shared the truth about her journey and the mistakes she made along the way. As well as how she now supports the women in her program to be an In-Demand Ad Strategist.

Considering that I’ve met numerous women (and men) on my own personal journey that have wondered how they can create true freedom in their life (and possibly even move their family to Costa Rica 🙂 …. This interview was very well timed to share one way that this is possible!


Episode Topics

7:11 | Sarah explains who she best supports with her program?
9:10 | Sarah shares her journey working a job, becoming a single mom and starting a business
12:05 | Sarah talks about the life changing moment that led to her becoming a teacher
15:50 | Sarah addresses why she hasn’t listened to any negative talk around her
17:16 | Sarah speaks about how she’s mentored 1000’s of women to start a business
21:44 | Sarah explains how to make sure you are successful while limiting your risk
25:23 | Sarah expresses why leaning on the community support is critical to your success
28:35 | Sarah articulates the underlying WHY behind her business & who she serves
32:20 | Sarah explains who she turns to for support and personal growth
35:44 | Trevor asks the where Sarah is currently out of alignment in her life and leaning in
38:29 | Trevor & Sarah explain how to face your fears and embrace the unknown
44:05 | What is the ONE thing that Sarah is most grateful for right now?
45:12 | Sarah stresses why it’s critical to stay focused on ONE thing at a time.
50:35 | How to connect with Sarah and learn more about her programs

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The ONE Thing (Book)


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How Sarah Build A $10k Per Month At-Home Business While The Kids Were At School
The No-Fluff Business: The 90 Day Guide To more Money, Freedom & Purpose Online (book)
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