[EP72] How Mushrooms Proved To Me That We Are All Connected | Trevor Turnbull

[EP72] How Mushrooms Proved To Me That We Are All Connected | Trevor Turnbull

In this episode I provided a full download of my experience at the Mycelium Pathways experience at La Senda Costa Rica with Ayama & Yati. This was the first time I had taken magic mushrooms (psilocybin) in over 24 years.

I will refer to a time before this experience and after it. To say that it was transformational would be a massive understatement. Not just because of the “trip” I experienced, but also the people I met and the incredible connection we all shared when everyone spoke about their personal experience at the end of the event.


Episode Topics

2:13 | The story about my first experience with psilocybin in 1998
5:37 | Why I decided to do psilocybin again after 24 years
10:22 | The fear I have had about doing psilocybin
12:22 | My first impression when I arrived at La Senda at night
16:55 | My first impression of the ceremony dome
20:20 | My intention heading into the mushroom ceremony
22:50 | The awareness I gained around “judgment” (of myself and others)
28:35 | Meeting Yati and the friendship we’ve created
31:24 | The incredible connection I experienced in my mushroom journey

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Episode Resources Mentioned

Fantastic Fungi (Netflix)
Eversio Wellness
Eversio Labs
La Senda Costa Rica
The Cold Plunge Truth
Ayama’s Facebook Post About Live, Death & Adoption
The ONE Thing (Book)


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