[EP73] How To Find Inner Peace, Calm & Power Within Yourself | Yati Or

[EP73] How To Find Inner Peace, Calm & Power Within Yourself | Yati Or

In this episode, I’m joined by Yati Or. Yati is a Wim Hof Certified Instructor, Free Dive Coach and Surf Coach who lives in Pachamama, Costa Rica. I first met Yati at the Mycellium Pathways (Mushroom) experience at La Senda that he co-facilitated with his wife Ayama.

Immediately after the mushroom experience I found out Yati was leading a Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop at the same location and I signed up right away. It was an amazing experience of education, breathwork, stretching and ice bath!

I sat down with Yati after this experience to talk to him in person (at La Senda) to discuss what brought him to this work and why he has committed his life to helping others experience the art of breath and ice therapy to support healing, self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness


Episode Topics

5:36 | The two times I’ve met Yati at the La Senda dome & labrinth
10:57 | Yati speaks about his moment of awakening (and his vision of a Yogi)
14:23 | Yati explains why “trusting” is not enough … you need to pay the price
16:14 | Yati talks about the importance of daily practice (and intention)
19:05 | How to find inner peace in the silence and calm
20:10 | Yati discusses his experience training directly with Wim Hof
25:52 | Yati runs Trevor through a round of the Wim Hof Method breathwork
35:10 | How can you connect with Yati?

Episode Quotes

“In the journey, we are guided.  You just need to listen to the signs. You’ll get the messages. If you listen, you get more instructions for your life” – Yati Or

“It’s not enough to simply trust and follow the path.  You also need to put in the work” – Yati Or

“Presence taught me an important lesson — It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m always home.” – Trevor Turnbull

“Meeting with Wim Hof for the first time was like meeting an avatar. His vibration is in the 5th dimension.  He’s still here, but his vibration is very intense.” – Wim Hof


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