Facebook Evolution and the Opportunity for Marketers

Today, Facebook is releasing a platform upgrade and making their Pages product more like user profiles.  These changes provide great opportunities for marketers who are seeking to leverage the power of social media by engaging the masses.

As Facebook continues to evolve, brands will need to rely on true experts in social media marketing more than ever before. The platform changes will require brands involved to take a more active role in the social conversation leveraging the unique and powerful tools Facebook is providing. The new Profile Pages for marketers put brands on a more level playing field with consumers by providing new brand functionality like an enhanced Wall similar to what a typical user is used to on their profiles.  With these new capabilities, brands will be able to be more dynamic and active when interacting directly with their fans. Tapping into the power of the Facebook News Feeds is a dramatic shift in the way brands can personify themselves, but marketers beware –  respect the consumer and understand that these new communication features are a privilege, not a right, so be sure to not abuse it and alienate your fans.

So what does all this mean for marketers? New and better ways of reaching and engaging the incredible audience that Facebook provides. As we stated in a previous post – social media has gone mainstream with 52 million users in the US alone on Facebook and over 175 million worldwide. So if you want to reach mass audiences, go where they are and  where they are spending unprecedented amounts of time.

Vitrue CEO, Reggie Bradford shares his thoughts on how brands can get in and capitalize on the Facebook opportunity.