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BC Business – December 2017

Make More Sales with Social Selling

Empower your sales team to land their next client using LinkedIn to gain an edge on your competition in 2018.

Linked Into Leads is a Vancouver-based training and lead-generation company that finds, qualifies and connects clients with pre-screened buyers so they can focus on closing deals and increasing revenues for their business.

Trevor Turnbull, CEO of Linked Into Leads & Founder of the 30 Day Sales Machine and LinkedIn Accelerator Program, explains the value of investing in LinkedIn training and lead generation services to empower your sales team to close more business in 2018.

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The Seattle Times – December 2017

Raise Your LinkedIn Profile To Grab Employers Eyes

A whopping 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn, according to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey. The online tool’s rise to prominence as a hub for employers and job seekers alike is unsurprising: Where a traditional résumé can be two-dimensional, LinkedIn employs features that allow candidates to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Among these features, a few are viewed more frequently than others by recruiters. “You have a short time period to grab someone’s attention,” says Trevor Turnbull, CEO of sales-generation company LinkedIntoLeads, “and there are some key areas which you need to focus on.”

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BC Business – November 2017

Why Your Sales Team Should Be Using LinkedIn

You’ve seen it online. You’ve probably set up your profile and get messages daily about people wanting to connect. But how well do you actually use LinkedIn to generate leads?

Knowing the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer and how to leverage them will give any business an unparalleled advantage over its competition.

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BMO – Global Asset Management Advisor Insights – June 2014

Set Yourself Up to Win on LinkedIn

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.14.52 AMYour clients have unprecedented access to information; not only the ability to conduct specific research online, but also to vet – and connect with – a Financial Advisor before making a wealth management decision.

Case in point: have you ever “Googled” your own name to see the results? If not, then you’ve likely searched a service provider you’ve considered hiring for your home or your business.

And this is where LinkedIn comes in…

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BMO – Global Asset Management Advisor Insights – April 2014

Why Financial Advisors Can’t Afford to Ignore LinkedIn

One of the biggest challenges facing Financial Advisors today is that investors have unprecedented access to information, and are performing their due diligence online. In fact, over 90% of high net worth investors participate on social media in some form, and more than 5 million investors use social media to help with financial decisions.

Of those, 73% use LinkedIn as their main source of social financial information – more than Facebook, Google+ and Twitter combined. The question is: are you there?

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Toronto Star – April 2014

Sportonomics: What gear makers are doing with all that data from running apps

While apps allow you to record exactly how many kilometers you’ve run in a given pair of shoes, and when a runner accesses their Nike Plus profile from a desktop computer, the page includes links to purchase merchandise. But online marketing consultant Trevor Turnbull says emailing a runner a reminder to buy new shoes constitutes a major breach of etiquette.

Instead, he says, the apps create sales and marketing value indirectly by creating a connection with the brand behind the app, and by encouraging users to run more.

“They’re trying to create a really intimate experience with the end consumer,” says Turnbull, president of the marketing firm WP Authorities. “People become loyal and attached to a brand because you’re creating value. It just happens to be the more you run, the more shoes you’re going to buy. That’s the spinoff.”

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Entrepreneur – January 2014

Super Leaders: Are You More Like Manning or Wilson?

In sports and business, leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some quietly lead by example while others motivate their team with inspiring speeches that evoke an emotional reaction.

There are a number of ways to define leadership in business. If we look at a behavioral perception matrix, we can see that there are certain personality traits that help define a unique leadership style.

With the 2014 Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, let’s take a look at some of the leaders that will attempt to guide their team to victory. They all lead in different ways, but there are valuable lessons to be learned from each of them.

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Entrepreneur – December 2013

Lessons From the Boston Red Sox That Can Help Your Business in the New Year

With the 2013 calendar year coming to a close, entrepreneurs and small-business owners need to reflect on decisions made that drove positive results and the areas that need improvement heading into 2014.

Just like a MLB general manager has to make tough decisions during the baseball offseason to improve their team, entrepreneurs and small-business owners need to honestly evaluate their triumphs and failures — and adjust accordingly to position their business for success in the future.

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Entrepreneur – August 2013

A-Rod Drama: 3 Tips for Managing Difficult Employees

Baseball is big business. And for the New York Yankees, one of its star employees has become a nightmare to manage: third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Similarly, when a star employee in a business environment becomes difficult to manage or displays inappropriate behavior at the workplace, business owners need to make tough decisions to ensure the success of the company and to maintain respect among the other staff.

Here are three ways to manage difficult employees:

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Entrepreneur – July 2013

4 Ways to Turn Your Employees Into an All-Star Team

With Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and Home Run Derby officially in the books for this year, we have reached what baseball enthusiasts call the “dog days of summer.” It is the mid-summer stretch where teams have reached the midpoint of their season, with some franchises still vying for a playoff berth while others are quickly counting down the days until next season.

Regardless of a team’s situation, MLB managers are tasked with the duty of keeping their players focused, motivated and having fun at the ballpark during these long days of summer. Here are four ways you can motivate your own team:

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Entrepreneur – June 2013

Lessons in Business Leadership From the NBA Finals

Great leaders usually don’t just fall into their success. Entrepreneurs and business owners must acquire and develop over time the skills necessary to guide his or her team in the right direction.

Yet, not all leaders are cut from the same cloth. Entrepreneurs, like basketball stars, can exhibit a wide variety of leadership qualities and tendencies. The two star players in the 2013 NBA Finals — Miami Heat forward LeBron James and San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan — have exercised opposite approaches to leading their respective teams. Regardless of their leadership “type,” both players have reached high levels of success during their careers.

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Entrepreneur – May 2013

NHL Playoffs: Lessons in Building a Winning Sales Team

Just like in the National Hockey League playoffs, a successful sales team is made up of stars, role players and a strong supporting cast. As a sales manager, to build a winning sales team you have to find and empower the right people to ensure your company’s financial success.

Here are three lessons from successful NHL teams on how you can build a winning sales team.

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Entrepreneur – February 2013

Former NFL Running Back Tiki Barber Creates Online Marketplace For Athletes

When professional athletes end their career, many don’t have a new game plan and wind up in financial trouble. For example, within two years of leaving sports, nearly 80 percent of retired NFL players face financial stress and even bankruptcy because of joblessness or divorce.

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber thinks he can help.

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5 Inspirational Quotes From Sports Figures in 2012

With another year behind us, it’s time to reflect on business successes and stumbles in 2012, and set goals for 2013. As entrepreneurs and small-business owners, we sometimes need a little motivation to help inspire us to keep moving forward.

With that in mind, here are five quotes from sports in 2012 that can help provide inspiration heading into 2013:

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Toronto Star – January 2013

Sports Apps: Software helps teams win games, fans, revenue

With the NHL lockout slowing the flow of hockey news to less than a trickle, developers at Atimi, the Vancouver-based firm behind the mobile apps for six NHL teams, say downloads of hockey apps have fallen by nearly two-thirds compared to this time last year.

Vancouver-based sports marketing expert Trevor Turnbull says big-name support is invaluable to an app developer looking to increase downloads. You could invent the best sports app ever, but if it doesn’t resonate with brand-loyal sports fans then making a splash in a flooded sports app market becomes much tougher.

“Ninety percent of apps don’t hit their goals on downloads,” says Turnbull, president of T-3 Connect. “It’s the big names that are still the ones people use the most.”

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Salary Negotiation Lessons From the NHL Lockout

The lockout is also concerning to many business owners, especially sports bars and restaurants, that rely on the NHL season to fuel their revenues during the winter months.

For most business owners — sports team owners included — the primary objective is to increase revenues. But when it comes to paying your staff, the rules can sometimes change.

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3 Ways To Lead Your Business Like A Baseball Manager

Major League Baseball’s 2012 World Series kicks off tonight, with the National League’s San Francisco Giants up against the American League’s Detroit Tigers. While much rests on how the players perform, each team is guided by its manager, who is responsible for making decisions in key moments that ultimately affect how games are won.

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From NFL Innovator Steve Sabol

Many of us hope to influence and inspire others to pursue their dreams. The late Steve Sabol, who died this week at the age of 69, not only affected those who knew him personally but most anyone who’s been watching football over the past several decades. His entrepreneurial efforts helped revolutionize the sports broadcasting industry…….

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Toronto Star – September 2012

NFL a giant on TV, but struggling with social media

Worldwide appeal is only part of the equation, says Vancouver-based sports marketing expert Trevor Turnbull.

He says the other barrier between NFL clubs and rampant social media popularity is the helmet, which keeps fans from recognizing all but the most famous players’ faces. Among the world’s 50 most followed athletes ranked by only one, Reggie Bush of the Miami Dolphins, plays in the NFL.

And he ranks 47th.

���People connect with people, they don’t connect with logos,” says Turnbull, president of T3 Connect Sports Marketing. “It’s the same thing in business as it is in sports. (Non-football) players are identifiable and reachable for their fans.”

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Globe and Mail – July 2012

An Olympian struggle: IOC vs. social media

For decades, the International Olympic Committee has managed to fend off every foe, from terrorists and recessions to bad weather and corruption, emerging ever stronger. But now, as the London Games open Friday, a force has emerged that’s posing the first real threat to the IOC’s stronghold: social media.

“It’s going to be impossible to monitor,” added Trevor Turnbull, a Vancouver-based marketing consultant who works with athletes. “There’s a lot of grey area.”

Mr. Turnbull recently asked Australian beach-volleyball player Claire Kelly to review the social-media policy and offer some recommendations for athletes. Ms. Kelly’s assessment, posted on a site called Sports Networker, pointed out numerous pitfalls for competitors.

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Business In Vancouver – July 2012

Ask The Experts: Why Is Networking Important For My Business?

“Networking can play a major role in your personal and business success. After all, in a tough economy, jobs are filled based on personal connections, the best (and cheapest) way to secure new clients is through referrals and, even in today’s connected world, business relationships are solidified with face-to-face connections.”

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Toronto Star – April 2012

2012 Olympics: “Brand Police” set to crack down on reckless tweeting

Vancouver-based sport marketing expert Trevor Turnbull expects a similar scenario between official sponsor British Airways and the smartly marketed Virgin Air.

“You’ve got to think Virgin’s doing something,” says Turnbull, President of T3 Connect Sports Marketing. “It may not happen during the games but whatever that grace period is around it they’re going to find some way to interject their brand into the games.”

Turnbull wonders how harshly the IOC can realistically punish a medal winner for an errant tweet.

“What are they going to do? It’s not like it’s a doping scandal,” he says. “They’re billing this as being the most social games ever but it’s also the most policed and locked-down games ever. And it hasn’t even started yet.”

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Vancouver Courier – August 2011

How Former Bank Analyst Uses Social Media To Chase Olympic Dream

Trevor Turnbull, a sports business consultant, says Jagger ( is setting an example for amateur and even professional athletes. “It speaks to the fact that you don’t need a massive audience to make an impact, you just need an engaged audience,” said Turnbull. “The value the sponsors are looking for is partially in exposure, but it’s really engaging with the audience, giving them a more behind the scenes look at the sacrifices that these athletes make to compete in their sport.”

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The Sponsorship Report – November 2010

Counting Heads: Accurate Attendance Metrics Determine Event Sponsorship Value

Trevor Turnbull, owner of Vancouver sports marketing firm T3 CONNECT, says that although there’s a potential for abuse of attendance metrics, a new focus on social media helps his company not only to engage audiences with the brand, but to provide the demographic information that identifies them as unique attendees.

“We’ve worked on contracts for events at the Grey Cup Festival that are both ticketed and non-ticketed,” he says. “The distinction isn’t so much the use of a ticket as a counting mechanism, but recognizing that the value of selling that ticket is an opportunity to identify and to create long-term value and interaction with that fan.”

The Sponsorship Report – April 2011

Err Canada? NHL team sponsor talks tough on hockey violence, but opinions are divided whether anyone was listening.

Trevor Turnbull, owner of Vancouver sports marketing firm T3 CONNECT sees the “leaked” letter as a press release typical of old school marketing. He agrees with Middleton that the letter might have opened the debate on hockey violence — but says the sponsor then failed to capitalize on it in a meaningful way.

“When I looked through the online response to Air Canada’s salvo, the comments were about 50-50, with some people backing Air Canada and others squarely against it,��� says Turnbull. “Air Canada started the dialogue, and had fans defending them, then left them to hang out to dry after they stuck out their necks.

“If Air Canada wanted to be a game changer regarding sports violence, they should have created  venues, both online and elsewhere, for the fans to continue the conversation, and they should have remained an active participant in that conversation. If the issue had any traction with fans, it would have been heard at the league level.” – Grey Cup – The CFL Fan Experience

Trevor Turnbull, co-founder of Sport Fan Connect, contributed an article to summarizing his experience at the 2009 Grey Cup Festival.  The article reviews the CFL experience as it relates to the connection between the league, teams, players and fans.

Sports and Social Media Predictions 2010

2009 was an exciting year in the world of Sports and Social Media. We saw explosive growth in this area, fueled by media coverage, athletes and celebrities who have started participating, new initiatives by teams, new events and fans that are thirsty about their favorite sports, teams and athletes.  Trevor Turnbull was asked to share his thoughts and predictions on Sports and Social Media in 2010.

Sports and Social Media Predictions 2011

Another year has flown by and this past year we have seen tremendous growth in the integration of social media in the sports industry.  Once again, Jason Peck has put together a great resource of information that reflects on the past year in Sports and Social Media and what we might expect to see in 2011.  Trevor Turnbull was asked to share his thoughts along with a number of thought leaders in the Sports and Social Media industry.