The Proven 3 Step System To Land High-Value
Clients With The SOLO Funnel

Without Having To Rely On Random Referrals or Attend Time-Consuming Networking Events
Even If You Feel Overwhelmed By Technology And Don’t Know Where To Start!

Gayle Hallgren-Rezac – Chief Engagement Officer, co-author Work the Pond! – Shepa Learning Company

“We call Trevor our social media coach, or perhaps it’s more like therapist. Like many people, when we started this process with Trevor, we said things like “I don’t get this whole Twitter thing.” Every session we have with Trevor is full of ah hah moments/okay now I get why and how to do this. His turnaround time of getting back to us is super fast, and he cuts to the chase. Cranks out little videos, great way to train!

Trevor has got a amazing skill –he’s able to explain all these social media concepts quickly and clearly. He knows his stuff and now when I hear people saying, “I don’t get the Twitter thing, I don’t care that someone had an awesome taco.” or “I really haven’t done anything with my LinkedIn.” I say, “You should talk to Trevor Turnbull.”

Mathew Cey – Partner – Morris Interactive

“Trevor has a unique ability to utilize his interpersonal skills and take concepts and give them life. He has a passion for marketing and a good understanding of IT, Social Media, and Networking and how to translate that inot business results.”

Kevin McMahon – Director, Retail Execution – LPi Communications Group

“Trevor was always a true innovator, never satisfied with the satus quo and constantly striving to enhance the experience he delivered to his clients. Trevor has a laser like focus on the details, and a natural ability to excite those around him.”

Fannie Smith – High Performance Coordinator at Disabled Skiers Association of BC

“Trevor is amazing at what he does: He is a great speaker, connector, marketer and social media master. Every time we collaborate I learn something new and amazed at his drive, entrepreneurship and friendliness. Anyone who works with Trevor will come away with something great!”



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