Tweetups Can’t Touch Facebook Flashmobs

If you thought Tweetups were viral and picking up steam, you’ll never believe what one Facebook member was able to accomplish with a simple idea, a Facebook group, and proactive friends and friends of friends.

On January 15, T-Mobile filmed a commercial with people dancing at the Liverpool Street Station in London. After watching the ad on television, Facebook member, Crazzy Eve, created the group “Liverpool Street Station Silent Dance” to organize something similar for friends.

Here’s the choreographed dancing that inspired it all:

In an interview with CNN, Crazzy Eve said, “I was watching TV and the T-Mobile advertisement came up and I thought, hm, let’s get my friends down to Liverpool Street and do a little dance.”

In true viral fashion, the group grew astronomically as he invited his friends, who then invited their friends, and so on. Video and photo footage from the “silent” dance can be found across the Web, including the actual Facebook group and YouTube. The clip below captures the enormity and intense energy of the event.

group, which now boasts over 14,000 members, completely took over the same Liverpool station on Friday night in a not-so-silent countdown to 7pm and subsequent dance mob of remarkable size.